Time to Share

I’ve only tried to post this first blog about 5 times.  Ahhhh, the wonderful world of blogging. I’ve blogged before, but I’m just not very consistent. So, I’ve got a new site and hopefully a new perspective.  I’ve got stuff I  want to share but somehow Facebook just doesn’t seem to be like the place.  So , I’m going to try this.  You can choose to read me or choose to ignore me.  It really makes no difference to me except that I hope I can bring a new viewpoint to current events and the issues that plague all of our lives.  After all, that’s what  a blog is, my opinion.  And let me tell you, I have a lot of opinions!   Maybe too many.  I’m also a little random and scatter-brained at times.    At any given moment I have a hundred different thoughts and ideas going on in my head.  I can be doing the dishes and suddenly drop my tea towel and then I’m out the door into the flower bed rearranging pansies and daisies~ what can I say, I’m easily distracted!    So welcome to my sometimes silly, sometimes serious, but always random blog.


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