I’m still praising~ Day 3, Day 4 and now Day 5

So, 5 days ago I embarked on  a journey to consciously and purposefully have an attitude of praise in the midst of this chaos we are in.  Just to update: we’re at the end of summer, kids are supposed to start school in 2 weeks and we have yet to sell our house which has been on the market for 3.5 months.

This is what has happened in the midst of a lot of drama, anxiety, confusion and stress: PEACE.

God’s perfect peace is coming in and winning the battle.  Some days it’s not so pretty, some days we’ve seen some pretty nasty attitudes and behaviours but recognizing the fact that it is clearly coming from the Devil himself has made the peace even more amazing.  We went to look at an acreage and Leroy was pretty much ready to put down money and an offer. But fear and doubt took hold and we stepped away from it.  Thankfully, God’s word has been everywhere(even on a billboard in the area where we were looking at homes), we have received prophetic encouraging messages from friends, we have had questions and doubts answered when we were least expecting answers.   We have seen and continue to see God’s hand move all across this situation.  That doesn’t mean that it’s all happy happy in our house.  Trust me, there’s knots in stomachs and a lot of deep thinking and long conversations.  This is a big move, a difficult move and there are a lot of unknowns.  But we know that anything that is hard and where there is fear, there we see God all the more.  Without fear and trembling we would not have to rely on Him and we are very much relying on Him.  We have to put in an offer and move knowing that our house is not yet sold~ HUGE leap of faith.  And now, I’ll be packing up my house inside of 10 days and moving without Leroy as he has to start his new job next week.  Oh God…..HELP!

This is the message that we received from a dear friend who we fully believe has heard from God for us(this is only a portion):

God is saying: Trust me –
You have put my words into practice in your life
I go before you, I hem you in from behind and before
(regarding a personal situation that we needed cleared up in order to move to the intended location)
I have set a guard around you to guard you in all of your ways

Then she goes on to illustrate a picture that she had flash through her mind:
I saw a picture of someone (I am presuming you) running and jumping off of a high cliff, It was kind of like a silouette, I saw the hands up in the air, it was a running pose so the legs were outstretched almost to a split. The person jumping did it with confidence knowing that God would catch them at the bottom.

And so, we believe that we ARE taking a LEAP of FAITH.  So, so, so thankful that God still remains the same as he did yesterday and that we have all of his promises to guide and direct us.


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