Day 6~ Praise is hard sometimes.

So, just a quick update on my 7 days of praise. If you should ever decide to take on such a challenge, be warned: there are murky, stormy waters ahead.

Day 6 was not so good. Perhaps some fear and stress got to me. I developed a classic migraine. Now, for those of you who don’t understand these, join the club.   Mine have gotten worse over the years but I still don’t know what actually triggers them and I have no idea when they are going to strike.  Usually, I know because I get dizzy. The kind that makes you feel like you just got off of a Tilt-A-Whirl and an eleveator at the same time. I can’t walk a straight line and closing my eyes sometimes makes it worse. The thing is, I usually don’t have pain for several hours or days.   As it turned out yesterday, I had to function with my daughter turning 12 and needing a cake and a birthday supper.   So, I took some vitamins, ate some soup, lay down, and then….I had a can of Coke.  Oh, it was so nice. I’m trying not to drink much caffeine these days but it was like sweet heaven to me.    And then, I praised. In the midst of all the nausea and extreme vertigo, I asked the Lord to bless my dear friend/ cousin who has been so great at praying for me and encouraging me.  I prayed blessing on her life and her day.   I then thanked God for my home, my family and whatever lies ahead for us.   In 1/2 an hour I was up, walking and talking….. a small miracle for me.   The headache came and then it went and by supper time we were celebrating.  God is good.


One thought on “Day 6~ Praise is hard sometimes.

  1. Hhhhmmm, interesting how this song has also been in my head all day today. I was actually thinking of sending it to you tonight, but decided to read your blog first…it seems God beat me to it. Thanks for your prayers, and I continue to pray for you guys, love ya.

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