Random thoughts on moving and other less spiritual stuff.

For today’s blog post I will pose as someone who actually cares.  This because I wish to be of assistance to those of you out there going through the same thing but of course, I. DON’T. CARE.

The halfway empty cupboards.You get to this point in the packing process where you’re wondering why you spend so much time wrapping dishes that probably cost less than the box you’re packing them in.  You start in one cupboard only to become quickly bored and skip a couple shelves in search of something “more interesting” to pack.   Like say for instance, vitamins.  Ahhh yes, my “medicine” cabinet which is hated by all in the family mostly because it smells like Vitamin B and Alfalfa…eww.

Note: If you are pregnant and you have such a cupboard~ pawn it off quickly on your dear hubby as you will soon find yourself to be woefully nauseous.The pile groweth.

Next is the ever growing stack of boxes in the dining room. I had to shove the table over today to make room to walk by but I am counting down the minutes until my son or my husband walk into the chandeliers that are now in the walking path.  Let the profanities begin.  Oh and speaking of profanities, why do they exist in my house only around moving time? Seriously, I hate potty language of any sort and it is banned~ BANNED I say from my house! But no, today the ugly  S.O.B. phrase popped up and it wasn’t from my lips.(for those of you waiting with glee for me to let ‘er rip~ ain’t happenin’).

Oh joy, oh bliss….I bought myself some packing treats.  No, I am not sharing.  Sharing would mean a reward and well, no one around here is deserving so I’m hoarding.  They are yummy…a little sugar goes a long way as you can tell from this elaborately colourful post.  However, this pile of garbage will soon become the evidence that my husband needs to convict me of sugar thievery.   I shall dispose of it shortly.Starburst! Mmmm!

Somewhere between now and Friday, we will get our collective ACTS together and actually have some organization, some progress and eventually a  packed trailer.  For now, I pause to thank all of you, my 22 faithful blog-readers for allowing me this brief moment of insanity.

The above description in no way reflects the opinions of the regular blogger.  The regular blogger will return to her regularly scheduled spiritually uplifting posts in early September. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused.


7 thoughts on “Random thoughts on moving and other less spiritual stuff.

  1. I LOVE YOU! Seriously>>>>you can take the most random, mundane thoughts & situations and add a little “Juanita” and suddenly make it interesting. Things that would have me curled up in fetal position, crying my eyes out seem to bring out the best in you and your faith. Would it be wrong to ask Brent Butt to produce a reality tv show on the Duecks of Unity?

  2. Juan…you are so entertaining…ever thought of writing a book? or publishing some of your random thoughts? you should think about it…why not capitalize on your God given gift of gab. Take care…and looking forward to the next edition!

  3. Oh I’m not stressed. Whatever made you think such a thing? Actually, I do my best packing the last 24 hours so I’m actually quite enjoying this little blip in the system. Leroy, on the other hand, is not at all in a good mood. Which probably makes my crazy mood so much more fun to me!:)

  4. You just made my night. I don’t wish stress on you or anything, but this stressed out, be of use or get out of your way, version of you is mildly entertaining.

    I am one of those people who have a sickness for enjoying packing things. I truly wish I could be there! You should threaten your kids that you’ll do everything in your motherly power to humiliate them all on their first day of school if they don’t get their butts in gear.

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