Blogger’s Block and Packing Tape

For the past 8 days my life has consisted of cardboard boxes, packing paper and tape.  And the thing is, when you’re doing a mindless job such as packing household items, you literally lose brain cells.  I mean really, what could you possibly gain other than a knowledge of the most efficient way to pack a large quantity of un-wanted, irregular, and non-essential items?  So, my brain stopped working. Not only did it stop working but it actually rebelled against me and I was rewarded with the foulest, nastiest, most debilitating migraine of my life.   Yes, I became completely useless to my family.   I couldn’t lift, pack, clean or walk for almost 3 days. 

This is not what I wanted my first blog in the new house to be about but I’m telling you, brain cells have died in the making of this blog.  I have an official case of blogger’s block and it doesn’t seem to be letting up.  I really need my talk radio back.  We don’t have everything up and operational so I’ve been unpacking in a quiet house for 3 days.  It’s torture!! My husband is loving it but I warned him today that I’m going to need music and brain stimulation very soon or there could be serious, massive consequences…like no “creative” cooking, or “spontaneous” romantic gestures………you get the picture, I’ll stop right there. (Apparently, not only have  I lost my mind but I’ve clearly lost my ability to be modest.)

The smell of the packing tape was like skunk stink mixed with fermented cranberry juice~ I kid you not.  I think it likely did some damage.  Here’s hoping it wears off quickly.


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