The truth about Sundays.

Wow, it’s been quite a week. And although I’d like to take you through all the gory details of part deux of our move, well, I just won’t. At least not right now.  Instead, I’ll focus on one part and then I will digress greatly.  Hang on, it might be a bumpy ride.

So, Sunday morning we woke up to our nearly packed house.  The girls slept on the floor and hubby and I also slept on a wanna-be memory foam mattress topper on the hard floor. To say that I was stiff and sore, well, it was 10 fold to that.   It had rained, it was chilly and we had very little food in the house.  My honey was unhappy, stressed with the move and leaving an acreage we love.  We tend to get a little cranky once in a while with each other and this morning was no exception.

With a long day of cleaning, packing the trailer and getting all the odds and ends finished up I knew I’d have to head to town.  In my van, I have the same 10 CDs that have been there for at least 6 months.  They get kind of tired and old so I found the one that I had not listened to in the longest while.  The first song came on and I cranked it up. 

“my shelter, strong tower, my very present help in time of need…”

It’s funny what praising can do.  I certainly didn’t feel like doing it and I was just feeling blah.  But in the midst of that and through several repeats of this song I just determined that Jesus is my shield and strength and the rest doesn’t matter.  Now you have to understand something.   If you’ve been a regular church attender, someone who is perhaps involved in Sunday morning services doing music, teaching, sound, or any other volunteer work, it can be a real downer on Sunday mornings.  Sounds odd probably if you’ve never experienced it but hear me on this: the Devil HATES Sundays.  Yep, he does.  See, God inhabits the praises of His people.(Psalm 22:3)  And so, when the big bad Devil sees a whole pile of people getting together to PRAISE GOD, well, that just sets him on fire. (haha)  He goes out of his way to disrupt, confuse and take the focus off of God.  More Christian couples fight on Sunday mornings than any other day of the week.  Sundays see all kinds of road rage, suicides, homicides, you name it.  The devil works overtime on Sundays.  Now, this should not deter you from attending church on Sunday. Actually, it should just make you much more aware and possibly even make you more determined to get your butt to church.  If the devil doesn’t like it then God probably does and that’s always a good road to choose in my books.  Well, this may be too simple for some of you so you can go back to Facebook now, but I’m not done yet.  And here comes the great digression…..

The Ten Commandments.

The whole thing about Sundays got me to thinking about how far our society has drifted from the foundations of morality, justice and righteousness.  And worse, it’s getting to be the same in the Church(the worldwide body of Christ) as it is outside of the church.   So, let’s review~ with my take , of course.

1. Do not worship any other Gods(seems pretty easy and self explanatory except that we are a culture driven by making celebrities, religious leaders, singers, even our computers #1)

2. Don’t make idols.  (anyone see someone bowing and worshipping Mother Mary lately? hmmmm…just sayin’)

3. Don’t swear. ….okay, this one REALLY gets me so I’m going to park here for a minute.  I’m really, really, really sick and tired of hearing and reading the flippant use of God’s name….OMG, Jesus *bleeping* Christ, etc.  This is not about those other foul words, I hate them too.  There are verses that talk about allowing NO “unwholesome” word to come out of your mouth but this COMMANDment is specifically about our Lord’s name.  The sad truth is that it is so prevalent that even born-again believers who profess to love God misuse His name.

4. Keep the Sabbath Day holy.  ( Read up on what the Sabbath was and what it was intended to be~ it is a day of rest, a day to worship God, gather with other believers, break bread together…that’s just fancy talk for eat lunch out at Red Lobster with your buddies.  Sunday is God’s day…He deserves at least that much so keep your grocery shopping, your gardening, your homework for another day.)

5.Honor your father and mother.   ( I think about 100 million teenagers in North America need to get a grip on that one.  We are losing ground with this generation when it comes to respect and obedience.  God made a point of putting it in the top 10 and I’m pretty sure that means it’s really important. )

6.  Do not murder.  (Do I need to explain this too? We’ve come up with “justifiable homicide”, self-defense, and the worst: abortion)  Don’t kill people. Simple.

7.  Do not commit adultery.( I think an entire sermon series on this one commandment is due in all of our churches.  The divorce rate is the same in the church as it is outside of it.  Adultery is rampant everywhere and it is now acceptable to live “common law”.  You can think and say all you want but you will never ever convince me that adultery is okay because it’s not. It destroys families and undermines marriage.)

8.  Don’t steal. (Don’t take your mom’s cheesecake from the freezer, don’t take Dad’s car when he isn’t home and said ‘no’, don’t take a pack of gum…just don’t . Stealing is wrong and that includes stealing answers from the person beside you in class.)

9.   Don’t lie.(My head is spinning…..our whole world is living a lie…don’t even get me started.)

10. Don’t covet. As the “Redneck Rules” version of the commandments says, “Don’t be hankerin’ fer yer buddy’s stuff”……ya, it’s just not cool when we’re all saying ‘I want’, ‘can I have’, ‘ I need that’….

Okay, so you’ve just been schooled.  Now, look back and ponder how many of these we break daily.  It’s sad really.  And the one about Sunday really stuck with me.  Sunday is the Lord’s day.  It’s not the devils although he sure would like it to be.  And if you look around, you’ll realize, he’s winning…because most of us just don’t care about the sanctity of any of these commands that God gave us so that we could all live happy, joyful, prosperous and long lives.   At least, that’s what my Bible says.


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