When God is silent

Hey God, it’s me. Remember? Ya, I know you do, but I think I’ve forgotten to check in lately.
It’s really easy to get busy~ really easy to become self sufficient and just bounce along through life not really considering the fact that if it weren’t for God, you wouldn’t even be here.

We’ve been in our new house for just over 2 weeks. The boxes are slowly being unpacked, rooms are being set up and everyone is starting to find their normal groove. Even the animals have settled in nicely although we have had a cat disappear for a few days.(he was found in the crawl space, no worse for wear)

And so, as we set out to replace the normal of Northern Alberta with the new normal of West Cetral Saskatchewan, I got a wake up call. There’s a lot of unfinished business and I’m feeling a little panicked when I start to think of it all. We have one week for conditions to come off and proceed with the purchase of this house(we’re renting to own for September). We have to come up with the down payment if our house does not sell(we’re still waiting on that one too). Hubby has not started working and he is getting concerned~ some large contracts have fallen through and the work is thin at best right now. Typically, this would all be cause for ulcers but I’ve been in a perpetual state of denial that there’s anything to worry about. But God’s been pretty quiet too. And so I wait……and wonder………..and hope…….

God has led us. Check.
God has provided for us. Check.
God has comforted us. Check.
God has answered our prayers. Check.

Sometimes the silence is for us to recognize our own weaknesses and humbly come before His throne recognizing His AWESOMENESS.

Like the wind blowing through the trees, let us be silent that we may hear the voice of God.


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