Show about nothing…

Can we take a break from my usual topics to just laugh?   No mortgages, bankers, real estate deals.  No worrying and wondering.  Let’s just pause and find the humour in these moments we call days.

At supper tonight, we were discussing the usual topics of lunch, laundry and schedules.  Yes, we’re a happenin’ bunch over here.  In mid-sentence my husband looked at me from across the table and said, “Are you in pain?”   I was confused, was there someone behind me?  Did I miss a whole conversation?  What?  And then he clarified, “I mean, other than your usual pains”(apparently I have many that everyone in our house is fully aware of), “are you in pain?”

My son, by this time , joined in my confusion.  He said, “Dad, what are you talking about?”    He went on to explain, “I’m in pain; every bone in my body hurts and I just wanted to know if you’re in pain too.”  …………………..LONG pause………..

Pure laughter~ the kind you only get from your belly.  We couldn’t stop. We were all laughing.  WHERE did that come from and WHY did you just decide to interrupt our conversation with such an odd question?   He laughed too because it was completely absurd.    I wondered out loud, ” Is this the new greeting?  Is this how we’re to greet our guests from now on?  The doorbell rings, we answer the door, ‘Are you in pain?’ ?”    My husband and son at this point are nearly on the floor laughing so hard.   The response:  If they answer “no” a boxing glove comes out and bops them in the face.  I have NO idea how we got to this point.  A pointless, useless , hilarious conversation about nothing.  Kind of like a Seinfeld episode.


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