The Good, The Bad and the Smelly

I have teenagers.  Two to be exact with two more coming up in the next couple years.   If you have lived with teenagers you will easily agree with me that they smell.   And by smell I mean stink.   Okay well actually sometimes they smell really good but that is usually right after a shower that they were forced to have or right before they’re leaving the house to be with people they hope to impress.  Otherwise, they just smell bad. 

My kids will likely be highly unimpressed with me for even posting this but I am outing them today.  I figure that if they aren’t bothered by the smell then so too they should not be bothered by me reporting on the smell.   Consider this to be a public service announcement.  

Take for example my son’s room . He will be 16 this fall.  He is quite capable of fixing any computer problem, wiring sound systems, building websites.   But he is somehow completely incapable of washing his bedding.  I have told my kids for a long time that sheets should be washed weekly or at the very least bi-weekly.  He is now on week 5 with the same sheet.   He plays football, practises 3 times a week and very often comes home unshowered only to get into bed and sleep off his fatigue.  Yep , no shower, sweating, in bed.   The other morning I went to wake him up and there was condensation on his window .  Why? Because he was sweating in his bed with the door closed, no air moving.  It smelled like rotten socks + sweaty underwear + wet towels.    I am NOT exagerating.

My daughter, who will be 15 in the winter, is not much better. **GASP!!!****  If she is reading this(which I doubt she is) she must be mortified that I would dare compare her  to her brother.  But alas, they are SO alike.  She has a growing pile of towels in her room.  She showers once or twice a day; yes, I said twice.  She is obsessed with looking her best and smelling her best.  Does she know how bad her room stinks? I don’t think so.  I have found, among other unmentionables, old lunches in her room so often I could feed a small nation with the leftovers.    She regularly takes milk to her room which is against the rules but she figures if she does it late at night no one will notice. I notice.  The smell of 2 day old milk is not too hard to miss.  So, we have rotting milk, moldy lunches, wet towels(which have only each been used once) and several other deposits of laundry and garbage.   It stinks.

I pity the Jr. High and Sr. High teachers who teach after gym class.  When was the last time you were in a high school?  It is a nasty place.  My daughter who is in grade 7 says that the boys change room , which is just a few doors down from her locker, has an “odour” coming from it.  “What is it, Mom?” she asks.  “That”, I explain, “is the smell of boys.  Stay away; stay far, far away.  For a  long, long time. ”  I guess that’s one positive; what girl is going to want to date, kiss or touch a smelly boy?   Don’t answer that…..I feel another blog coming on.

They all have their own smell, but I love 'em anyways.


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