FACEBOOK~ What I don’t do/What I like

Where would my life  be if I had not succombed to the peer pressure from my sister and my friend to join Facebook 3 years ago?   Perhaps I’d have more time to waste.   Maybe I’d be less likely to know what I “like”.  And maybe I’d only count the friends who I actually talk to on a regular basis.  Whatever the case, I am changed forever by this phenomenon called social networking.  However, there are some things I WILL NOT do on Facebook and maybe I can share some pearls of wisdom so that others may see the value in not participating in certain online activities.

1.  I will not play Farmville, Fronteirville, Give cyber gifts and hugs and so on.   Come on people, I live on a REAL farm on the REAL fronteir and when I give someone a gift or a hug, they’re feeling it!

2.  I will not play Scrabble, no matter how often I get invited to play.  If I can’t throw down a word and have my oponent do the same so that I can play again immediately, what’s the point?   Besides, that silly online version doesn’t even recognize real words!

3. I will NOT post forwarded messages on my status that call me to stand up for some cause if I’m not ashamed and then chastise me by saying that “most” people won’t even post it for an hour.  If I care about something, you’ll hear about it eventually and not because someone guilted me into posting a mass-produced status.  I’m way too original for that!(with the exception of the one about being an idiot and needing a slap upside the head~ that one is priceless!)

4. I don’t post 100 pictures of myself in different poses.  There is something way too self-centred about this current generation and their need to photograph themselves constantly.  Get a grip people~ take your mind off yourself and focus on the rest of the world for a change!

5. I don’t “like” every phrase that pops up because 3 of my other friends “like” it too.  Do you people realize you’re acting like a bunch of grade-school children all following each other in packs?

6.I don’t post about my mundane household tasks day after day.  That’s boring and it makes me look boring.  I am NOT BORING! (a little defensive)

7. I don’t sign up for Quizzes that ask me when the last time was I kissed a boy.  The only boy these lips have kissed has been sleeping in my bed for 18+ years!

8.  I don’t post pictures of me with a wine bottle, beer bottle/can, glass of wine or any other alcoholic beverage.  First of all, I don’t drink, so finding pictures like that would be impossible.  Secondly, it makes you look like a drunken idiot people.  I guess if that’s what you’re going for then be my guest, just don’t expect any future employer or spouse to be impressed.

9. I don’t bash my husband on Facebook.  If you do, shame on you.

10. I don’t let my kids post on FB after 10 p.m. unless it’s a weekend.  WE have rules, we have limits and we all need our sleep.

So, now that we have that cleared up here’s what I like about FB:

1. I do post scripture regularly as my status because I believe it to be the Living, Breathing Word of God and if it can breathe life into me then it can surely encourage someone else.

2. I do post links to YouTube videos which are usually uplifiting, encouraging and God-centered music because sometimes we don’t know what we’re missing in the music world! There’s so much out there to be blessed by.

3. I do love being connected to my family thousands of miles away~ seeing and sharing photos and thoughts makes the miles seem a little less.  What a wonderful way to communicate~ it really is amazing.

4. I do love that I’ve been able to get to know friends better than I would have without FB.  We share notes, insights, concerns and prayer requests!  I have BEST friends now because of FB!

5. I do like looking at pictures of family , friends and acquaintances~ seeing where they’ve been, how the kids have grown, what they’re doing.

6. I like the fact that I can shamelessly promote my house for sale!  And there’s nothing you an do about it!

7. I like posting random statuses that make you go “huh?”

8.  I like getting in political arguments with my brother in law from Texas~ I post stuff I’d NEVER get away with in person. 🙂

9. I love that I can post a link to my blog and the blogs of other family and friends. 

10. Finally, I love that I can be in 20 different places at one time~ seeing a newborn baby for the first time, watching a young couple get married, supporting my friend as she goes through a dark time, laughing with family about the good ole days and sharing a hockey score with friends while they travel. 

~ I might change my mind someday and decide that FB is no longer worthy of my time, but for now I will enjoy the moments and the connections.~


4 thoughts on “FACEBOOK~ What I don’t do/What I like

  1. I haven’t seen the Social Network but I want to. Leslie saw it on Saturday night and for the next 2 days she would go on FB and say, “This is weird now that I’ve seen that movie.” So, I told her not to tell me anything but obviously it makes you think.

  2. You’re hilarious. I have several friends who regularly post bashing statuses about their husbands on facebook. I just recently deleted one who is always complaining about her kids, her life, her money problems and her husband. I’d had enough.

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