Mondays and voting

Why did God make Mondays come after Sundays?  Have you ever thought about that??

Sundays are so full of sunshine, rest and fun and then Monday comes along and ruins it.  Even the hours leading up to Monday, which are actually still a part of Sunday, become more and more depressing.   Why couldn’t Friday come after Sunday?? And really, do we need Monday through Thursday?   In my house they just mean rushing and homework, sports and driving around.  I could really live without all of that.   I say that we take a vote and just banish all days except Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.   Oh and speaking of voting~ THANKS to all of you who voted for me.  I really don’t quite know what else to say~ I really never expected to make it to round #2 so this is a very pleasant surprise!

And then there’s those civic election votes.  If you live in my former hometown of High Prairie and the MD of Big Lakes, or my former hometown of Calgary, then get out to vote!!  No one should complain if they’re too uninvolved to care to vote.   The decisions made in those council chambers affect us all~ it is imperative that our collective voice is heard.   Taxes are too high, service is too low.  Make your voice heard and VOTE!!

Okay, I’m done.  Happy Monday! 🙂


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