Not so GLEEful

I feel I have to speak out on the recent controversy surrounding the cast of Glee.  First of all, I’d like to admit that I was a very avid Glee fan for the first season.  Lea Michelle’s character, Rachel Berry, had me cracking up each week.  By far my favourite was the nasty Sue Sylvester played by Jane Lynch.  Every episode I was just waiting for the cutting punchlines and the awesomely incredible music.  Who doesn’t love the Glee cast’s rendition of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin”?

But as with all good shows these days, the liberal minded folks in Hollywood just have to crank up the politics and the controversy. I don’t understand why they have to do it, especially to a great show that started out being about great music and funny situations.  In my mind, they’ve ruined it for me.  I’ve watched portions of 2 episodes this season and I’ve walked away from both of them.  All of the sudden I’m being bombarded with promiscuity and homosexuality every show.   I’m done watching it.  I made the decision a week ago after seeing 2 of the cheerleaders lying in bed together making out(girls). Ick. This is not what I want my teenagers watching and it’s certainly not an accurate portrayal of real life.  I might get over it if it weren’t so blatant and forced.

Then this week, GQ magazine posted an issue of  3 of  the main characters(who play TEENAGE STUDENTS on the show) in extremely provocative positions and clothing.  In my mind it is the sort of thing that belongs in Playboy not on the drug store shelf for any and everyone to view.   Some of the poses are so racy that I am truly embarassed for them.  What has happened to our sense of modesty in this world?  Why must we make everything so sexual? And WHY are we sexualizing our youth even further?  The argument has been made that these people are all well into their 20’s so it is not like child-porn but then why the school locker backdrops and cheerleader clothing?  Why is EVERY photo clearly depicting a high school setting?  Maybe you think I’m a prude and maybe I’m just getting old.  But if you are a parent and you watch Glee, go to the GQ website and see if  you can watch that show with the same innocent delight.  If you have daughters, or sons I’m sure that you will have some reservations about what your kids are viewing .   I do and I’m not impressed.  Our kids are already pressured to look a certain way in high school and present themselves as older than they are.  Especially the girls.  This is NOT helping and I think the makers of Glee have screwed up.  But watch, their ratings will soar next week.  Young men who previously disregarded the cheesiness of the show will be watching with delight and drooling.  Yes, that’s probably the point, no?


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