Chin Hair Almighty!

Have you seen the 2007 movie Evan Almighty?  The one where Steve Carell plays Evan Baxter, a politician called by God himself to build an ark?  If you haven’t you must go out and rent or buy it~ it is by far one of my favourites for writing, acting and overall message.   But one scene in particular rings so true to me more than the others.  Unfortunately I’ve been unable to locate it on YouTube.  It is the scene where Evan wakes up one morning to find himself rather hairy.  He shaves and begins to dress only to find that the hair is returning.  He shaves but before the shaving cream is wiped off the hair is back! This continues until he gives up and leaves with his new beard braided in an attempt to keep it under control.  I laugh because I relate.  In recent years I’ve noticed an alarming trend on my lower chin.  Hairs that do NOT belong there are popping up all over.  I pluck and I wax and for a day or two it seems like all is well………that is until I lightly stroke my face to find the oddest and LONGEST hairs protruding out!! Horror!   I rush to the bathroom to inspect and discover that I have not one, not two but no less than 6 long black hairs sticking straight out!! Who saw me like this?  Did I go to the grocery store?  Did I go to…..CHURCH????!!!!! Did my HUSBAND see them?

Pluck, pluck,pluck!!! It’s painful; they’re huge suckers!

3 hours later I’m touching my face and there’s another one………no two!! How did that happen? I just  dealt with this!!

Somebody tell me you’ve spiked my food with hair growth serum because this has to be a cruel joke.  

Alas, no it is not.  For I just saw another mom today, with the same unsuspecting growth peeking through her newly waxed face.  ****sigh**** We are getting old.  Time to find a laser centre.  I will not become the 50 year old woman who served me at the drug store, who clearly in her desperation did what none of us should do and pulled out a razor~ EEK!!!!! Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin!!


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