What about Halloween?

So here we are, 1 week till Halloween and I’m grumpy.  I always seem to be grumpy at the end of October~ no snow, too early for Christmas decorations and that dreaded “H” word!! Gahhhh!! I hate it!   If there’s a Hell on earth it exists in Halloween.  Today while shopping, the seasonal aisles were all bustling with parents and kids seeking out the final touches(or in some cases, the whole costume) of their would-be Halloween costumes.   I was annoyed that the bulk of the products consisted of items related to ghosts, witches, vampires, grim-reaper, Darth Vader, bandits and murderers.  Seriously, HOW did we get here?    I cannot believe how completely violent the costumes have become and all in the name of “fun”??? I don’t get it, I never will.  

I dressed up once or twice for Halloween when I was around 11 or 12.  I begged my mom to be able to go trick or treating with my friends.   And yes, I have taken my little kids out~ they’re not so little anymore.  Each year, it sickens me that the kids have to wear costumes to school or the number of invites they get to Haunted House parties.  Death, the grave, and the devil……..well, they have been conquered by Christ but somehow our world is hell-bent on re-energizing them and glorifying them each year.  I could go on but I will refrain.  Sometime this week I will post on how to redeem this un-hallowed non-holiday but for now answer this poll for me to see if I’m all alone in my feelings or if there’s others who feel the same.


3 thoughts on “What about Halloween?

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  3. Ok, so many years ago when I first came to Canada, I was totally shocked when I saw for the first time that people would actually celebrate this kind of a thing, they call Halloween. In my early years as a fledgling christian, the lord really drove the point home to me, that to have anything to do with witchcraft was to essentially reject him. How could I reject the lover of my soul, who died to set me free.

    So I decided never to have anything to do with the evil pagan practice. What confused me for years was why would bible believing, Christ professing people have anything to do with this holiday as well. They disguised their lust for it, in “Alternatives at Church” my question is, did they never read in the bible how not only Jesus but his disciples cast out the demons????

    And now two thousand years later we justify ourselves by saying that it is cute and only for the kids. We as christians don’t embrace it, we offer alternatives to the community. Give me a break, the community looks at us weak christians and say to themselves, see they are doing it to, it cannot be that bad!!!!!

    Again I say, Jesus cast out the demons, as he knew that they stood opposed to everything that he is, why on earth would we entertain them and bring them into our homes and churches????

    God said that when he saved us, that he set us apart, as Holy, we are told to live in this world as a shining light and as Jesus’s Hands and feet to a world that is decieved by the Devil. We are told not to live as the world and engage in what they engage in.

    I think it is time that christians stop playing church, stand up for righteousness, stop playing with fire, lay aside their wishy washy attitudes about faith, because if we don’t God promises us, that he will spew us out of his mouth!!!! Revelations 3:14-21

    It really saddens me when people think that what we do here on earth has no eternal bearing on our eternal future. It all does. We need to wake up to that fact!

    Stand up for Jesus Christ today, be holy because he is holy, 1 Peter 1

    Thanks Juanita

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