Something new to do on Halloween.

A couple of days ago I posted on Halloween and my loathing of it.  I said that I would write about how to redeem it and I know that there are some of you that are wondering how that is at all possible.  After all, Halloween has no business on our Christian calendar.  Well, I am only one person and clearly I’m not going to have Oct.31 renamed or re-directed but I will do what I can regardless of what the rest of the world is doing.  Here’s my plan and maybe you can join me too.

First of all, Halloween is the ONE and only night of the year when you can freely walk up to any house in your neighbourhood uninvited and expect the owner of the house to answer.(Unless they are like my mother who shuts the blinds, locks the door and turns off the lights!)  So, I figure what better night of the year to be a good neighbour, introduce yourself and actually GIVE to your neighbours!! Yes, that’s right, don’t take but GIVE!!    So, what are you going to give?    Here’s some suggestions:

                                                             –  a New Testament(they’re rather cheap and you can find a lot of nice looking slimline ones)

                                                             –  A Christmas CD~ of course, why not! After all, most of us start our Christmas music on Nov . 1 anyways.  I would suggest Chris Tomlin’s “Glory in the Highest” or Casting Crown’s “Peace on Earth” for new ones or go back a few years and get one of Amy Grant’s Christmas CD’s.  Something with the WORD and the TRUE meaning of Christmas is perfect.

                                                               – A basket of cookies~ sugar cookies decorated are always a hit. And you know these poor people who feel obligated to give out candy would probably be so touched by someone who actually BAKED for them! What a concept!  And hey, just for fun make the cookies in shapes of snowflakes!! We know it’s coming anyways! 🙂Yummy sugar cookies!

                                                                 –  A healthy supper~ you know the parents on your street who are out at 5 p.m. trick or treating with their kids and probably didn’t cook anything.  If they come to your door, send them on their way with some yummy ham/swiss and lettuce sandwiches, granola bars, juice boxes and muffins….can you imagine their shock??

                                                                     – If you feel like you still want to pass out treats from your door then have the Christmas music blasting, decorate your front window with a nativity scene, have wonderfully bright lights all around your door; after all, we are to be salt AND light so be the LIGHT!!

                                                                      – Be prepared for wee ones who come to your door. Very often young parents will dress up their babies but what is a baby going to do with candy?  I kept a stash of baby-friendly treats on hand for these little ones: fruit cups w/spoon, pudding w/spoon, animal cookies in the single serve packs, mini-juice boxes.

I guess all I’m saying is that the world is not looking at Halloween as a time to bless each other. It is quite the opposite: scare people and be greedy.  Neither of these things are Biblical or can possibly be defended.  So, go out and do something different….stand up and be counted!! It’s our turn to take back one night in the year that the devil thinks he OWNS!!    Check out this comment from a friend of mine who came to Canada from South Africa years ago.  She’s right. And no matter how we try to justify it we’re just participating if we don’t stand against the world’s view of Halloween.


3 thoughts on “Something new to do on Halloween.

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  2. I have always wondered about what to do on this day. I have to admit when churches have “harvest days” or whatever they call it and kids still come home with oodles of candy, I feel uneasy. Are they just “Christianizing” Halloween to make us feel like it’s okay?
    My kids go trick or treating until gade 6 and then they are done. A great resource that I give out is Adventures in Odyssey cd’s that you can order through Focus on the Family. This is a nice alternative to candy and they change the cd stories every year.
    Still unsure about this “holiday” but I will admit the creative side in all of us likes to dress up just as my kids like to dress up. We are fortunate that where we live trick or treating takes place in the afternoon and I rarely get anyone after dark.

    • I have done the Adventures in Odyssey CD’s as well; unfortunately you need to think ahead and have them ordered in time or you won’t have them for the 31st. But they are great….I’m thankful that living in a farm community minimizes the trick or treating but I have taken the kids to certain neighbours who request it and usually they end up with a bagful at each house. By the time we’ve visited 4 houses they’re set for weeks!! 🙂

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