Standing in the Storm

This past summer we had a series of storms blow through our area that had me running with my camera each and every time.  I posted a few photos on Facebook of the incredible skies but in actuality I have hundreds more.   I couldn’t believe the cloud configurations and the way the storms would blow in so quickly.  It was truly amazing and inspiring. 

On one particular evening, I noticed the sky darken to the north and west but it still left some light for the sun to set.  I found myself standing in the middle of the yard, surrounded by clouds, lightning, storms from every direction and yet I was unable to move to safety.  Someone had told me how dangerous it is to be out in such a storm especially when the lightning is flashing all around but in this moment I did not care.  God’s handiwork was before me and I was not about to miss it.   So with camera in hand, I stood in the rain and the wind for over an hour and captured as many shots as I could.  In between snapshots I took in the smell of the rain, the coolness of the wind and the visible awesomeness of THE ARTIST painting HIS canvas. I have never felt more alive than I did in that moment.

I now find myself in the midst of another storm.  The clouds of doubt have gathered around our family.   The bolts of fear crack at my spirit and the rain of tears have threatened to send me for cover.   But in the midst of all of the craziness I am still standing. It is both awful and awesome, both scary and inspiring and I cannot help but stand and watch as The Artist of my soul once again creates a masterpiece.  It isn’t that I’m enjoying this particular exercise in patience but I know that what will come out of it will be beautiful.  

Some people find thunderstorms downright scary.   But they don’t know the Scientist behind the science.   I am fully aware that there are scientific explanations for why the clouds form the way they do and why the lightning cracks across the sky with such fierceness.   But I am also aware that God controls it all; the weather, the sky, the earth and everything in it.   So, as I stand in this storm I have peace.   Peace that passes all understanding because HE is God and He has the entire canvas of my life in His very capable hands.   He sees the beginning, the middle and the end and He knows what has to happen now for the next phase to begin. 

“With Jesus in the boat you can smile at the storm….”

~ a little song we used to sing in Kids’ Club years ago~

I’d rather be with Jesus IN the storm than on dry land without Him.

~”as we go sailing home…….”


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