There’s still hope~ small town perks

So, as of today we’ve lived in our new home for 2 months.  We’re slowly(verly SLOWLY) adjusting to life on the prairie again.   I miss my trees and the old sheds on our yard.  My winter and spring project will be to find some old sheds that some farmers around here don’t want and move them over to give us some character.

But besides our acreage I’ve begun to notice some trends in the town near us.   There’s nothing particularly special about this town.  It is struggling with families moving to the cities just like every other town under 5000 people.  However, there’s a simple peace around this place.  Perhaps it’s the distinct age of more than half the town.  I don’t have stats but I’d venture to guess that half the population is over 55.   There’s grandmas and grandpas here who’ve lived in the area their whole lives; they’ve raised their kids here, been school teachers, mayors, town councillors and business people.   Because of this fact , there is a respect for the town, the properties, the family. 

The stores are not open on Sundays.  The grocery store opens from noon to 5 for convenience and nothing more. 

The local rink will be closed for the ENTIRE day on Remembrance Day~ as it should be.

There are no homeless people~ I’m serious: NONE.  These people look after their own and make sure that everyone has food in their pantries and heat in their houses.  It is striking to see a town that has managed to maintain such a status.

The local high school does not tolerate lates and absences .  They believe that high school attendance is imperative to a quality education.  My son was sick and missed 4 days of school . We got a letter.  If he misses 7 in any class we will be called in for a meeting.  If 10 are missed, he will be removed from the class and have to repeat it another semester! I was shocked.  I can think of at least one school that could learn from this.  The result is that nearly 100% of grade 12’s graduate on time and the class averages in the core subjects is well above 75%.  

I’ve also noticed some things that crack me up because of how crazy over-kill our last school handled things.  Like for instance~ Lauryn’s class went on a field trip the 4th day of school. I didn’t sign a form and have to hand in all sorts of paperwork….no, that was handled the first day when I registered her.  Common sense says that the school is responsible during school hours so off they go! Since then all of the kids have had various times when they’ve been off school property for class trips, etc and not once did I have to return a form.  Leslie’s math teacher even had their class run all over town one day getting measurments of different buildings and structures…she thought it was so hilarious how he just said “go and be back in one hour”….:)

And then there’s the Industrial Arts class that is rebuilding a car and just built a football clubhouse.  Or the home-ec class that makes fajitas, stews, chili, casseroles and more every day!  They’ll be making a quilt soon~ a QUILT! 

Sure, there’s things we miss and this town is MUCH quieter than our last one.  We still haven’t got settled into a church routine and Emily is currently the only one going to youth.  I know these things take time.  I’m just grateful that I’m not worrying about what drugs are being sold in the hallways at school , or which teenage girl is struggling with an unwanted pregnancy or an STD.  I’m also not hearing about murders, suicides and domestic violence.  The most violent thing that has happened here was the unfortunate violation of a BBQ.(read about it here)

Ahh yes, and the latest little factoid from my kids is the way the school handles swearing.  Lyndon told me the other day about how every day there’s at least one kid writing an essay.  Yes, an entire essay on why you shouldn’t swear.  I asked how far they take it.  He said that of course the “f-word” is off limits, but also s%$t, Damn, “go to hell” and anything else. It is NOT tolerated in the hallways, the classrooms, at lunch or on the field.  YEAH for a school that actually DEMANDS respect!

So, to all of you out there exasperated with the current cultural trends, I’m letting you know that out here in prairie-land there is still a standard that is upheld. It’s awesome.


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