The triumphs and the tears.

This will be short.  I have little time these days as I’m fully involved in trying to organize and pull off a somewhat “disorganized” family gathering this weekend.

My grandparents, whom I love and respect dearly, are celebrating 70 years of marriage on Friday, Nov. 5.

70 YEARS!!!!!!

I have been pouring over old photos for days trying to somehow make a visual timeline of these past 7 decades.  This is no easy task.   And in the midst of it I feel overwhelmed for them and understand why Grandma is having a hard time with this momentous occasion and Grandpa is ready to party.  You see, it hasn’t all been rosy and wonderful.

There has been a lot to celebrate; children, grandchildren, prosperity and a wonderful ranch.

But there have been so many tears: the death of a baby, the death of a little daughter at 4, the hospitalizations and near death of my own dad, Grandpa’s brushes with death, the death of my uncle at 60 years of age and so many divorces…….the divorces really get to me.  There have been so many~ too many.  And I’m sure some of my family who read this may cringe that I have even written that but it is true.  History does not lie and the fact is that some of this family’s history is not so nice.  Next week I hope I can look back and be thankful for this weekend and the incredible journey that my grandparents have chosen to take together.  I hope that my family will do the same.


One thought on “The triumphs and the tears.

  1. I can empathize Juanita…life is not a bed of roses: at least not one without thorns. And yes some decisions are hard for us to understand but then we weren’t there and maybe we would have done the same. So we love them and go on, our family has it’s share of heartbreaking situations too…but all I can do is give it to God and go on. Bless you for all you hard work and your insightfulness!

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