Home wasn’t built in a day.

After 2.5 months of upheaval and disorganization I felt a tinge of normalcy returning today.  Not the kind of normal that we’ve become accustomed to for 4 years but a new kind of normal.  This doesn’t mean I’m settled~ far from it.  The disorganization and lack of direction have driven us (Leroy and I) to new lows emotionally.  Not a very fun process, but necessary none-the-less.

The snow came today.  This is good.  It grounds me, makes me focus; I have to concentrate on the calendar and realize that Christmas is a mere 37 days away.  Yes, 37 days to trim the tree, buy some presents, make some cookies, wrap some presents, pen my annual newsletter, send off some cards, send off the traditional surprise cookie care packages to unsuspecting friends, deck the halls, unpack the multitude of boxes still unopened, organize my kitchen, clean out the garage and so much more.  Daunting? Maybe. Worth it? Definitely.   I live for 11th hour panic.  I don’t know why but it puts me into overdrive.

The fact that our other place has not yet sold has been causing us angst and stress.  I’ve left it in the Lord’s very capable hands~ He knows what to do.  But yet, there’s stress.  Then there’s Leroy’s lack of direction~ he’s not really working anywhere right now.  Too many variables and unanswered questions.  Many unfulfilled promises and then there’s the job offers coming from various places not close to here~ where we are.  It hasn’t been easy.

And so, my family and home have suffered.  I stop cold in my tracks when there’s too much to think about.  Thinking slows me down.  Too much thinking stymies me completely.    Home is in need of a jump start. Home needs to be a resting place, a sanctuary.  Right now, home is a mess.   I keep reminding myself that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and neither is my home. I’ve moved enough to know that it takes time, months, to get things in their places.  It is hard when you move from a house that has pretty much a place for everything to a place that takes you back to the drawing board.  Smaller bedrooms and less functional storage in this house are slowing me down.  Plus the knowledge that some things may change~ ie: closet organizers coming, some areas being renovated in the next few months~ has made me not eager to unpack only to pack up again.

**sigh**  It will happen~ it just takes time.

And so, today, another phase presented itself~ the busy-ness of my kids’ lives.  This is what we moved for after all isn’t it? Opportunities.

My son graduated from his driver’s ed program today and will now be able to take his road test.  Yikes.

My daughter started her first job today and it means a new level of time management for her.  She will do well and it will keep her far too occupied to be concerned about boys, hair and make-up so I’m quite content to drive her around.

My evening was spent taking one kid to town for Girl Guides and then waiting around for another kid to be done setting up for this weekend’s volleyball tournament.  After picking them up we waited for missy to be done her job so we could all go home~ I have a bunch of VERY tired kids.  But it was a good tired. They are busy and they are involved.  Normal is changing.  Now it’s time to get settled and make some progress.


One thought on “Home wasn’t built in a day.

  1. As you are in the throws of upheavel and learning to cope with the new “normal” I long for change out of the normal.
    Maybe it is the time of the year when I long for warmth or maybe it has to do with the fact that the lord gave me a word a few years back that I patiently wait for the fullfillment of!

    So, yay to change, yay to normal, yay for moms who desire to make their homes a place of sanctuary and love and comfort for their families. Yay for friends and yay for God, without whom we would be lost.

    Thanks once again for reminding me of what is important in life!
    Love you my sista!!!

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