Good Grief Charlie Brown

This weekend, my youngest took part in the Girl Guides’ Annual campout weekend.  Now, it’s been about -20 to -30* C for the past few days and so of course they weren’t outside but rather inside at the local United Church.   This is our first experience with Girl Guides and so far it seems to be a fairly good program and certainly a great way to make friends and learn some new skills.

I helped with supper for Saturday evening.  Picture this: 25 VERY hyper girls who are hungry……ya.

It was loud and the two of us on supper duty were scrambling to get the food out hot and quick.  Once the girls were seated the leader asked them to quiet down for prayer.  This didn’t surprise me as I would expect any group to pray before their meal~ it’s the way I was raised.  What followed, made me nearly choke!   She said they would “sing” for their supper~ again, not shocking as we often sing a song of thanksgiving for meals when our extended family is together. But it was the wording that shocked me.  She said they would replace “Lord” with world to “include all religions”…..This is how it sounded.


Oh, the WORLD is good to me

and so I thank the


For giving me the things I need

The sun, and the rain and the apple tree.



is good to me.


How sad that we are now in a world and an age of teaching young girls, 6-12, to NOT thank the Lord.

The world has NOT been good to them and has NOT given them the things they need.  It is only by God’s grace and provision that any of us are here or have the abundance of riches that we enjoy daily.  And then to add insult to injury with “Johnny Appleseed” attached to the Amen was like a raw slap in the face.  Would any of those girls been opposed to saying “Lord”? I don’t think so.  But the leaders, in an effort to be politically correct and also responding to the lead of Girl Guides Canada has to do it this way.

Even Charlie Brown after all the hype of the Thanksgiving and Christmas plays pauses to recognize the TRUE meaning of the season and thank God in Heaven for all His blessings.  I always get choked up  when the pathetic little Christmas Tree comes to life~ because Charlie Brown and company realize the Source of Life.


2 thoughts on “Good Grief Charlie Brown

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  2. That is sad to hear that they are doing that, not surprising, but sad. A few things happened to me this week, whilst walking through our local walmart and looking at the christmas decorations I could not find a single nativity in the main aisles where the christmas decorations were displayed. It was not until much later, when I had to go back to walmart and I went into their other seperated part of seasonal stuff, that I found one very small display of nativity scenes. That might not sound like anything to get upset about, but once again it reminded me that “The World” wants less and less to do with God, and more and more to do with their own “inner God of their Making”, God forgive us!!!!

    Then on friday evening, at light up Okotoks, one of the councel members asked the people before they lit up the CHRISTMAS TREE, if he was allowed to called it a CHRISTMAS TREE OR SHOULD HE CALL IT A HOLIDAY TREE, he asked people to put up their hands if the name christmas would offend anyone. I nearly screamed at him that it offends me that you would even ask if I want to exclude my lord and saviour from my life!!!! ahhhhhh.
    So I shouted very loudly for him to hear that he needs to call it a christmas tree.
    Oh my friend, what is happening to our beautiful nation? They no longer think it necessary to Honour God who gives them life and breath!!!! My heart is sad and sickened.
    It makes me even more determined to learn the truth, know it and teach it any way I can, as it is only truth that can set us free!!!!

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