Common Facebook errors

Okay, apparently I annoy easily because I just can’t let this go.  I’ve noticed that the spelling and grammar on Facebook is getting WORSE! Is it possible? It was horrific the last time I dared bring up this topic and lately it’s just been ridiculous.  People, do you ever re-read your posts? Do you question any of the words you use or how you use them? You should!!

Here’s what I’ve seen recently(in no particular order).

1. The misuse of THAN.  Okay, this is pretty simple.  In reality, we don’t use “than” very often. It is used for comparing one thing to another. For example:  My house is better than your house.   Your hands are bigger than your feet.  The Stamps are better than the Riders… get the point.  So, don’t use it when you mean THEN!!  I see this all the time: ” I went to town and THAN I came home and made supper.”  “I was jogging around the block and THAN a van cut me off…”  Good grief.

2. Give me a break.  No really, give me a brake!  Ya, this one is too easy. A brake is something on your bike and in your car.  It is not a time when you go have coffee.  Sheesh.

3.  By-bye!!   If you’re going out to BUY gifts, then you didn’t just BY them…..really.  Bye is reserved for when you’re saying “good-bye” to someone.  By is when you are stating where something is:  the house BY the fence.  BUY is for when you’re using money to purchase something. Seriously people, this is grade school stuff.

4. Whose.  This may be  a bit more tricky but it’s not rocket science.  Who’s is a contraction. That means it is replacing Who Is….so, don’t use WHOSE when you’re saying “WHOSE going to the game tonight” and likewise don’t say “My daughter, who’s name is Leslie…..”…..ya, that’s so wrong.

5. There, Their, They’re……this has been covered so often and yet, people just don’t get it.  There is used for placement: over THERE.   Their is used for possession: THEIR stuff…..They’re is a contraction…used to replace They Are…get it? Please, please get it.

6. Wear/Where/Were.  I’m  a little shocked that this needs to be stated but here it goes.  WEAR refers to clothing and over-use.  As in “These clothes I’ve been WEARing are WEARing out.”….get it?   WHERE is a location.  WERE is the past tense of are.

7. Deer/Dear….don’t use DEER unless you’re talking about an animal!!

8. Bare/Bear/Beer……BARE feet, BAREback, BAREly           Bear is an animal            Beer is well……it’s BEER!

9. TWO, TOO, TO……Okay, back to grade 1:  …..the animals came TO the ark TWO by TWO and yes, Noah and his family were there TOO.  Did you see that? I used all three of them correctly and you should TOO!!

TWO is a number , TO is a preposition and TOO is another word for ALSO and to add emphasis.

10. Prolly.  This is a new one but it is getting overused and actually I think some people think it’s a real word. Mostly used by people under 20 but I’ve noticed it being used by a few of you over 30- you know who you are!   PROLLY is NOT a word and should NOT be used!  The word you are searching for but have failed to find is….PROBABLY!!!

Like eye sed earlier, I prolly just annoy easily.  After all, if you we’re bothered by you’re own spelling and grammar then you’d prolly correct it yourself. But its only the ‘net and who really cares, write? FB doesn’t matter so if you spell a few words wrong hear and their, what does it matter to anyone? Well, by for now.  I’m sure I’ll have something else to right about tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Common Facebook errors

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  2. I could go on for days about this subject. I have people hidden on my facebook news feed because their spelling and grammar is so bad that reading what they post makes me angry. One writes everything as if she is a 12 year old texting her friends; it’s so bad I have to sit there and decipher it. And she’s in her 30’s. I have several adult friends whose writing is so poor that I question how/whether they finished high school. One who can’t figure why they can’t get or keep a job in data entry or admin. Oh goodness. It’s really that bad.

  3. Here here you have my complete support. These issues dirve me crazy as well. Unfortuanely they are not only restricted to only Facebook. In many cases the misuse of a word happens because proofreading is a thing of the past. Spell check does not know the difference between hear and here.

  4. Jaunita that wuz a reely grate post.I sew agree with ewe.Sew I just wonted to poynt owt that the last paragraf wuzn’t spelt properly.I don’t meen to pic it apart butt I just wonted to sey sumthing befour every1 else seen it.Knot that I don’t think your righting isn’t grate…it reely is!!!! thanx sew mutch four FINELY seying sumthing!!.:-)

  5. Well done, Juanita! I’ve never heard “prolly” before…gross! Such an abuse of our language. One time, Courtney wrote “skool” on purpose, knowing it’s really spelled “school”. I reamed her out about it…she thought I was over-reacting, but we have to start somewhere!

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