When a Stay-At-Home Mom Doesn’t Stay Home

I’ve been in the SAHM category for the better part of 16 years.  I’ve loved most of it.  Some of my friends have hated every second of it.  I think it’s sad.  When I consider that my oldest child is less than 2 years away from being “free” to flee the nest, I’m so thankful for every moment I’ve been here.  I’ve been the one who coaxed my kids through their first few steps walking and running.  I’ve been the one who nursed their sicknesses through many dark, lonely nights. I’ve been the one to make their lunches as they head off to school and the one who has a plate of cookies waiting when they return home again.

These are the moments that you can never get back if you’ve missed them.  These are the treasures that often are missed if you’re too busy doing your own thing to realize how privileged you are.

Today, I said “no”.  “No” to my husband when he asked me to come into town with him to do some errands.  Today it can wait.  You see, in the past couple of years, this stay-at-home mom has been a little too absent from home.  I have spent countless hours driving to town~ to pick up the mail, go  to the grocery store, run errands for the business, take kids to the arena for skating, pick up kids from after school activities, etc, etc.  It’s exhausting and I’m tired of it.  I just want to stay home.  I’m rarely home when one or more of the kids get off the bus.  Very often they are here by themselves for 2-3 hours.  It’s not really the way I had it planned or the way I thought it should be.

The kids are happier when I’m home too.  They feel a little lonely and lost if I’m not here when they get home. Sometimes they just want to talk about their day or share something exciting.  Sometimes(well, most of the time) they really want something prepared for a snack.  They miss the “good ole’ days” of mommy in the kitchen making something yummy for an after school treat.

So today, I said no and I’m staying home.


3 thoughts on “When a Stay-At-Home Mom Doesn’t Stay Home

  1. I LOVE this post!!..It is dear to my heart.Though I homeschool and have them all the time I love raising my children…it will soon be over and I will be up to other things…but being a part of thier days is my great pleasure!!

  2. I loved having my mom home every day after school. It’s one of the reasons I decided to stay home myself, no matter what the cost. Greeting Mateo after school every day has become one of my favorite parts of the day and his too, since his brothers nap after school and he gets time with his mom alone.

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