There is a God

I have felt this wave of overwhelming sadness lately about the state of our world and its refusal to acknowledge the existence of an all-powerful, loving, merciful God.  We are coming to a point in our history where each one of us will have to stand up and be counted as one who believes that Jesus is the Saviour of the world or that it is all a fairy tale.   Even the Muslims believe that a “messiah” is coming soon.

On the radio in recent weeks I have been listening to the debate rage on.  Is there a God? If so, why does God allow such horrible things to happen in our world?  Why are people, in the name of God, killing other people?  Why is there so much hatred in the Church? What does it matter if I believe in God or not? If He is real, won’t He just save me anyways?

I am not a theologian and I  don’t have any degrees.  But I know that my God is alive , He is real and He is returning….soon.    I also know that He came as a man, born of a virgin. And it wasn’t pretty and beautiful like the Christmas cards depict.  It was rough for those very young parents who were not only ostracized from their families but most likely from their family of faith(the Jewish people).  If you’ve ever given birth, you can imagine how horrible  an experience it must have been to do so in a meager stable, with animals and their feed and dung all around.  It was not lovely, it was lowly.  And my God did that for me.

I don’t claim to understand all of the wrongs in the world.  But I know there is sin and there is redemption from that sin.  I wish that people would stop and listen to the cries of their hearts.  If we would all just stop and listen to the STILL    SMALL   VOICE  of God that is speaking right now to you and to me in the core of our beings.   I cannot utter words at times to express what it means that the God of all creation would care to know about me and my troubles and my struggles.  But He does.

My prayer for this Christmas is that all of you who read this, all of my family, all of my friends , who struggle each day with the ” whys” and the “hows” of life would simply stop and allow God to reveal Himself to you.  Too many people want the concrete facts; the evidence.  Too many want God to make all their troubles go away, fill their bank accounts, bring back the loved ones who’ve died and take away the pain that has happened to them.  But that’s not what God does; that’s not Who He is.    He feels our pain, He shares our sorrows , He walks with us through the darkest valleys of our lives.  And through it all, He just wants us to lean on Him and trust Him for whatever the outcome may be.  And maybe it won’t be now, or next week, or next month, but at some point God will show up and show you that He is as real as the words on this page and He loves you in spite of all the venom and hatred you may have cast in His direction.

Deep within the core of our beings, the longings of our soul ….we want to be re-united with the God who created us.

Isaiah 26: 8,9:

Yes, LORD, walking in the way of your laws,
we wait for you;
your name and renown
are the desire of our hearts.
My soul yearns for you in the night;
in the morning my spirit longs for you.


It is Christmas and There is a God.


One thought on “There is a God

  1. Amen Sister, not only is there a God, but he is alive and well, and living within all those who choose to believe and acknowledge His son Jesus Christ.
    I am so grateful that there is a God and that I am his child!
    Thanks for a great article

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