I promise not to spiritualize this(I think).   You know that scene in the Elf movie(Will Ferrell) where Buddy gets excited about Santa coming?  He screams, “SANTA!!!” and it is hilarious.  Well, that is how I sort of get about presents.  I just wanna scream PRESENTS!!!

When we were kids, we would usually get 2 or 3 boxes in the mail that had carefully wrapped gifts from Grandma Thiessen and Grandpa and Grandma Parke and my dad if we weren’t going to see him at Christmas.  I loved that first glimpse inside the box.  I love how other people wrap their gifts~ some with way too much tape, others with ribbons and bows but all containing a gift of love.

I truly could care less what’s on the inside as long as I get to open more than one present.  It’s just so much fun to be surprised! This year , my kids insisted upon buying for me and for each other(usually we draw names) and so I have to say that I’m pretty excited about what might be under all that wrap!

My husband, however , is notorious for guessing his gifts.  It doesn’t matter how we try to camouflage it or how sneaky I think I’m being, he always guesses.  So, I’ve outsmarted him and I’ve stopped tagging gifts.  Yep, he doesn’t get to guess until the moment it is presented to him.  What’s the fun in shaking and guessing before the due date?? It’s like those 3D ultrasounds that show every wrinkle and grin of your baby before he or she is born!! Soon, it’ll be in HD showing every strand of peach fuzz.  Not for me~ I like the mystery and suspense.  We’ve had presents under the tree for 3 weeks now and no one has been “overstaying their welcome” in the vicinity although Lauryn checks regularly to see if any new ones have popped up for her.  I figure there’s no point in wrapping them if they’re only going to get ripped to shreds in a matter of minutes.  We like our presents to be part of the decor and ambiance of Christmas.

Ahhh yes, Christmas~ the season of giving, love, good-will toward ALL men(and women) and PRESENTS!! I can hardly wait!


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