No Santa for me, please and thank-you.

It’s Christmas Eve and children everywhere are nearly peeing their pants with anticipation.  It’s pretty tough to NOT be excited~ who doesn’t love getting gifts??!!  Especially when you’re almost guaranteed of getting more than one at this time of year!   I love presents, I love giving and I love Christmas.

What I don’t love is Santa Claus.  Don’t get me wrong, the fellow is jolly, friendly and seemingly harmless.  But I think even dear old St.Nicholas would be saddened by the twisted way our world has magnified and glorified his persona into something almost cult-like.   I’m not down on those of you who choose to play Santa for the kids and I’m not going to rain on your parade but I’d like to make the point for a “Santa-free” Christmas.   Have your Santa day, have your Santa Eve.  Tell the stories of the chimney and the stockings and the reindeer if you must but leave Christmas to Christ.    CHRIST did not come for us to have more gifts and have them more abundantly….He came that we might have LIFE!   Let’s celebrate that, and our families.  Let’s be thankful for the blessings that only GOD can give, not Santa.

I fear for the generation that is yet to come where the FACTS about this season are overlooked in  order to make room for more Santa.   There once was a song we played at Christmas called “No Room”.   Its message is even more relevant today as we clearly have little to no room for Christ but boy do we pull out the stops for Santa!!

As you gather ’round your tree with your family and your gifts.  Stop and consider the moment.  Take a deep breath and ponder where you would be without a baby born in a manger.  Consider the tree’s meaning~ everlasting life.  Consider the red lights~ the blood of Christ, shed on a cross for your sins.   Consider how much more blessed it is to give than to receive.   Consider , if you will,  what message you send to your children when you give them a wonderful gift from “Santa”.  What does that say to them?  Mommy and Daddy can’t get you what you really want, but Santa can?? Santa knows EVERYTHING?  I thought God was omnipotent!

Take a minute and stop.   Let’s give Christ the place of honor at Christmas.  It is HIS day, not Santa’s.   And that whole talk about the “spirit of Christmas”? Stop that too.  The only Spirit we should be talking about is God’s Holy Spirit sent to us to be a comforter after Jesus left this earth.  The Spirit of God is LOVE, it is LIFE, it is CHRISTMAS.

Merry Christmas!


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