The dreaded “R” word.

No, I’m not talking about rats or ricecakes, I’m talking RESOLUTIONS.  Oi!  It’s a love-hate relationship at this time of year.

I love new beginnings, fresh starts~ a new calendar and decluttering.  It’s part of the blessing of having January follow the chaotic, crazy and busy season of Christmas.  But I sometimes feel panicked too.  It seems that every year at this time I get the urge to write down a list of goals for the coming year.  I really want to prove  to myself and others that I can follow through, but sadly, reality hits and I know that rarely do I complete my tasks for the year.  I don’t really know why.   Is it lack of motivation(I have tons of that)?  Is it that my goals are too lofty even for me?  Not sure. But I do know that there is a definite lack of will power and discipline on my part; a life-long struggle for me.

And so, here we are~ nearing the end of December and as I look forward to January and the new year I wonder what it will bring.   Will I have the mental and physical stamina to forge ahead in spite of my weaknesses?   I sure hope so.  But I’m not going to make promises I cannot keep.  Instead , I’m hoping to make each day, each week and each month better than the last.

I do have one goal though that I’d like to share with you.   I am not a leftist “green” monster but I do have a hankering to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  Yes, these are “R” words that I am fully committed to  tackling.   But it’s not the Three R’s of recycling that you’re thinking of.

I’m actually looking at my house and all that I have.  I am so blessed. We have an abundance.  And so I am setting out to reduce the amount of money I spend on gifts and home decor.  I want to reuse items already in my possession and recycle them into something useful and wonderful.   I have already made a  list and I’m so excited to get started.  This will be my own version of a 365 project.   By this time next year I want to have made, sold, given away 365 items from my house that have been given new life.  I will likely have to buy tape and glue along the way but other than that, I’m hoping to only use what is within my house at this time.  Sounds challenging and fun!! It’s time to turn this “junk” into treasure.

There’s many other things I’d like to do but this year our family focus is on spending time together as opposed to spending money on things we think we need.   Our kids are growing and soon these moments will be only memories.

2011 also marks a milestone for me.  It is my 40th year and  just typing that shocks me more than I can even describe.  Life is passing by.  Quickly~ so, so quickly.   I have a new camera and I hope a new outlook….time to put the two together.  I’d like to take 52 pictures of myself this year.  52 weeks to grow, to reflect , to renew.

Bring on the new year!


One thought on “The dreaded “R” word.

  1. Sounds like a great idea, I think that I would like to reuse some of the things in my house and give them to other people as well. Great idea, I think I will go with that.
    In the past though I have looked around and felt exhausted at the thought of doing anything with all of the stuff. Thanks for the great idea!

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