Setting my sights on a good year.

As we approach the end of the first week of 2011 I have to wonder how the heck I got here! Seriously, what happened to my life??  It is amazing to me to have vivid memories of my first day of grade 1 back in 1977, my first day of high school back in 1984(ooo, that was a good year wasn’t it?!) and my wedding day in 1992.  How does time flee so quickly?  Why is it that I can remember my grade 10 essay project but I forgot where I put my keys yesterday?   Why can I remember the moment my son was first laid on my chest( I asked them to remove him as he was so big and I could not breathe!) but I fail to recall  when he passed me in height only 2 years ago?

Time is a funny thing.  And memories are curious.  I am thankful for my life, thankful for where God has led me and taught me and for the storms He’s brought me through.  I cannot imagine my life without Him or His grace and mercy on me.  I have much to learn and I’m  eager for what this year holds.  You see, this is the “big one” for me.  Yes, I am leaving the 30’s this calendar year and going where I never thought I’d go before.  It is scary and it is liberating.  I feel like a big girl now!

And so, I invite you on this journey with me.   I have started a photo blog.  I hope to document my life in pictures this year~ the things that bring me joy and the passions that ignite my fire.   I have many goals~ not the least of which is to be an encourager to my husband and my children.   It is a dark and hurting world and it will not get easier.  If I can bring a glimmer of hope to someone out there or bless someone’s day, I will be thankful for the opportunities.   With this blog and my photo blog I am joining with other WordPress bloggers in a Post A Day Challenge 2011.  That could be a lot of posting, and perhaps it won’t all be great, but it will be from my heart and I’m looking forward to it.

Thanks for being my faithful, loving, encouraging audience. Now, on to find some inspiration!


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