Homework sucks ~ for moms.

I am frustrated with the educational system these days. It just seems to be getting worse.  I used to think(before my kids were in school) that I would have NO problem helping my kids with homework when the time came.  After all, I was a smarty pants in school and so it should be a breeze, right? Wrong.  Oh, how quickly we forget!  First of all, forget square roots and dangling participles in grade 10, I can hardly help my girls in grades 5 and 7 with simple math!! If only these teachers could see it from our perspective as mothers.   In the “olden” days, we brought our textbooks home when we had homework.  Yes, I know, textbooks are outdated and cumbersome.  But  hey, what a concept~ they EXPLAINED things!! Ya, I’m so over these darn worksheets!! For one thing, I have no idea what the entire unit is.  And far be it for my kids to have a clue either!  I don’t know what the teacher’s goal is with this assignment or what the author of the particular worksheet had in mind! In a text book you can see the progression of questions, examples AND explanations!! On a worksheet there is little more than a one line instruction which is like no instruction at all.  Right now, Emily is working on percentages.  Easy!! Well, no, not for her.  First of all, she had a sub the day this assignment was handed out.  The sub failed to explain the worksheet(because she probably doesn’t know) and therefore the kids are left on their own to discover the answers by what method I have no idea.  I tried to help but this one little phrase has us all confused.  They are converting fractions to percentages….but the worksheet says “to the nearest hundredth of a percent”.  Hmmmm. So, if it’s 80% does she write down 100?   If it’s 67% does she write down 100? Well, we don’t know because there’s no explanation.    And then, they corrected this assignment Friday and most of the class got most of the answers wrong. So, they have to correct and return for Monday.  And where was the help from the teacher to steer them in the right direction? Well, there wasn’t any, because they had the same sub.  And I’m annoyed. Homework sucks.


8 thoughts on “Homework sucks ~ for moms.

  1. I completely UNDERSTAND where you are coming from and can so relate! I am having trouble helping my son who is only in the 2nd grade, they don’t add like we use to. What happen to just ‘adding?’ My son told his teacher a few weeks ago that he actually taught me how to do math. LOL. I’m thinking am I not suppose to be helping to teach him?

    • Yep, that’s how it is in my house. And I think it’s ridiculous. They’ve even taught kids how to do division a different way!! How can that be?
      I’ve tried to show my kids long division and they say they’re “not allowed” to do it that way. So frustrating. And I find teachers are downright snotty
      to parents. I wish I had the will power and discipline to homeschool because I think that’s the only way these days!

  2. I don’t know how it is now, but when I was in high school there were 4 streams of math a student could take. Math 14/24 (grade 10/11 basic, consumer math). Math 10/20/30 Applied (grade 10/11/12 math that would get you a math credit to get into University IF you weren’t going into a program where math was foundational). Math 10/20/20 Pure (grade 10/11/12 math for students going to university who needed math for their program). Math 10/20/30 Pure -Advanced Placement (same as the regular pure track, but with an excellerated program that incorporated University level concepts by the end of grade 12. A student could then write the AP exam and get university credit.) Math 31 was calculus, all of the students going into engineering or a science/math program took it. There was a track for students at any level of understanding with math from basic to complex. A lot of students who struggled were simply in the wrong stream, or unprepared for the amount of homework and study involved in high school math. It’s hard for a reason. Students were going to university – good students who did very well – and struggling big time because high school wasn’t preparing them. That’s part of why they changed the curriculum from what I was told.

    It doesn’t help families though, when teachers aren’t willing or available to put in the extra time to explain the concepts or give supplementary material for parents to help their kids.

    Also, they don’t always tell you this but if your kids are wanting to get into a university program that does not require math (like a humanities or history or arts program), and they need a “math” credit anyway – you can substitute a grade 12 language credit for math at many institutions. 🙂

  3. That does seem redundant. I had a math teacher who would mark the answer “wrong” if you wrote it 1000 instead of 1,000 or 24500 instead of 24,500. When I was in grade 10 they changed the high school math curriculum in Alberta – it was such a massive change that when we wrote our diploma exam in grade 12 we were the first year to take it with the new curriculum and they only counted it as 20% of our final grade (normally it would have been 50%) because the curriculum was so much harder and so many students struggled with it. I think they tricked down to adjust the jr. high and then elementary curriculums to prep students better because the leap from grade 9 to grade 10 math was too severe and confusing.

    • It is similar these days too. They have changed the entire curriculum in AB in the last 2 years. Now Sask is trying to catch up so Lyndon and Leslie are repeating some things from last year but are behind on other things. I just don’t know what it all is so complicated. I find that the really smart are doing great and the rest just fall between the cracks and no one is really caring about where they are at. There is only room in the universities for the elite and so the teachers don’t worry so much if 80% of their class falls below 70% average. In my day the teachers worked with the students and expected that the majority of the class would be above 80%.

  4. You should ask the teacher for a spare copy of the text her class is using, or if there are any supplemental websites for students and parents to practice at home.

    • Ya, I’ve asked~ no such luck. I find this particular teacher(actually every math teacher my kids have had in the past 5 years) to be sort of annoyed when parents ask for help or clarification. They also figure the kids should just know what they’re talking about. I guess I’m of the mindset that students are there to learn, to ask questions and to get help to do better. Some teachers don’t seem to see it that way. But thanks for your help. I guess it just doesn’t make sense to me to write down 80.00%…they’re all round numbers, no decimals so you’d think that would be redundant? Whatever.

  5. The nearest hundredth is two points after the decimal. 80% to the nearest hundredth is 80.00%. 80 and 1/3 is 80.33%.

    What numbers are you trying to convert from fractions to decimals?

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