Saskatchewan Marriage Commissioners losing to Leftist Liberal Bullying

Today, the province in which I live, made a decision. Well, actually, it was the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal that made the decision on behalf of the government(which I think is wrong).  Anyways, they’ve decided that no longer will a marriage commissioner in this province be able to refuse to marry a  same-sex couple on the grounds of their own personal religious beliefs.   Okay, so I get that this is a hot-button issue.  I am not going to debate whether homosexual couples should marry or not because if you know me you pretty much know how that conversation would go.

But what I am really upset about is the notion that a man or woman who have had a job for years and years and do it well could be fired or forced to quit that job based on their own personal morals.   In a world where morality is running down hill like an avalanche into a dark , bottomless cavern, it’s kind of refreshing when someone stands up for their morals.  But no, not here in good old Prairie-ville.   No, we are trying to keep up with the Vancouvers, Torontos and San Franciscos of this world and darn it we’re going to set a precedence!

Consider any other job.  Consider your own work place and what might happen if you were asked to participate in something that you find morally reprehensible.   In my world, as a mom, I have declined the “invitations” and “expectations” that I would work casinos and bingos for various fundraising activities.  I find both to be morally wrong and if I don’t want my kids thinking they’re okay then why would I work at them?  Yes, I have had to make other arrangements and yes it may be financially a sacrifice, but I’m willing to do it.  Here we have people who have had their jobs for 10, 20, 30 or more years.  They could have never foreseen the path that marriage would take.  When they began their positions they were probably never thinking they’d see the day when they might have to marry a same-sex couple.  So their job has “changed” without their consent and they are required to now “change” their morals.  The rights of the homosexual community has now trumped the right of religious freedom.  Welcome to 2011.


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