One Thousand Gifts~ Ann Voskamp

I recently “stumbled” across a blog.  Well, the stumbling part was likely God tripping me.  But nevertheless, it is changing me.

When God gifts someone with words that soothe and run over you like a waterfall, you can’t help but be changed.

I ordered her book immediately.   It was released this past week and I knew that it was going to be the kind of book that could transform an entire generation.   So, I ordered not one, but 6.  One for me, one for my mom(who loves to read as I do) and 4 to give away.  I’m not sure who the receivers will be yet.  I’m still praying about that.    One thing is for sure, you will not look at life the same way.

I’m only a couple chapters in and already I see why it is on the New York Times top 10.  I haven’t seen a book like this in a long time.  It is HOLY inspired, God-breathed and full of my notes, underlines and markings~ it’s getting good.

First thing that has really struck me is her definition of joy.   The GRACE of God combined with a thankful heart equals joy.

I will be marking that on my walls.  A can of paint is all I need.   GRACE.  THANKFULNESS. JOY.

Check her out at


My stack of books~ ready to give and ready to receive.


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