Day of Love only a week away.

I’m tired. This will be short. Don’t shoot me, condemn me or berate me for the title of this blog.  Yes, we should love every day of the year. Yes, Valentine’s Day is over-commercialized.  I’m not here to argue one side or the other.  Just wanted to give you a little nudge in case you need one.

Sometimes, we as people….part of the human race…..are stupid.  Yep. Sometimes we’re bull-headed, ornery and stubborn.  Actually, most of the time.

So, here is this day that comes but once a year where we are supposed to profess our love for those near and dear.

Let me just put in a word here to you marrieds~ DO IT! Show some love!  Do something romantic, silly and sappy.  Not candy(that’s so …..not romantic).  Do some little thing(s) for your spouse that would just send them over the moon.  A love note on the seat of their vehicle that morning.  A poem or song.   An e-mail or two or three.  Lavish them with love.

One year, my husband went all out.  He thoughtfully went out to Shopper’s Drug mart or Walmart…don’t really care where, and bought a bunch of small items and wrote quick(sort of messy) notes to accompany the gifts.  An eye mask( for your eyes I love to gaze into),  foot lotion in my shoes(for the feet that walk everywhere for me),  lip balm (for the lips I love to kiss),  hand lotion(for hands so soft when they caress….okay, won’t go into detail!)…..there were about 10 items and I found them throughout the house over the course of the day.  Simple, inexpensive and thoughtful….the BEST Valentine’s ever.

I think it’s ridiculous that women EXPECT  diamonds, jewelry or some other pricey gift.  This is a day to remember your love, rekindle your love  and encourage your love.  You have a week.  Start planning something now….it DOES make a difference to that person.


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