Giving thanks…and then some.

I’m reading this book.  It will be my undoing.  Why?   Because it is challenging the very core of  my existence.

The challenge is not to GIVE THANKS.  The challenge is to find the GIFT in everything. In every moment.  In every sacred breath.  We are here but only for a glimpse of eternity and yet we spend so many days, so many hours caught up in what is wrong and what we don’t have.

As I read today, my heart became full ~ recalling the moments this week that  I may have missed.  Moments, gifts and treasures.

A text from a head-strong daughter who I sometimes wonder if she’s listening.  “I love you , Mommy.” -I fired back a “I love you too, now whaddya want!”….she “LOL’d  , nothin'”.

Well, it wasn’t nothing.  It was the sum total of everything.  I’m so thankful for a teenage daughter who, in spite of all my failures, still loves me.

Or this morning in church, the youngest one who sometimes is so overwhelmed by her stature in the family she can barely hold in the tears~ leaned in on my shoulder, my hand stroking her long hair.  A moment.  A breath.  Thank-you Lord for my healthy, beautiful children.

Or the touch of a man, whose love has seen me through the darkest hours of my life.   His hand on my head , tenderly loving me when I find it hard to love myself.  Thank you God for his love and his touch.

Or the thousand other moments

~ a joke across the dinner table from youngest to oldest

~a cat laying in the warm sunshine

~a warm breeze after the coldest day of the year

~ the moose who trotted into the yard without warning; so majestic and graceful

….i could go on and on and on…………and so I should.

Why is it that we have fishes in the ocean that the human eye has never seen?  Why do birds take flight without effort and stay in line, filling the sky with their family flocks?

Why do snowflakes fall and land on the window pane suspended and crystallized only for a few moments~ maybe no one will ever see them and yet they are breathtakingly beautiful!!

The glory of the Lord is EVERYWHERE!! Gifts for us.  Gifts for Him, by Him.   We too are His glory.

Thinking back on my babies I can’t help but grin when I reflect on chubby 5 month old feet kicking in the air at diaper time.   Or the way a baby’s tiny fingers grasp at my own in the quiet morning hours of nursing.  Moments to savour and remember.  I don’t have a photo but being thankful for these precious times grows them in my heart more vivid than any album I could share.

I’m challenged.  1000 gifts…….gratitude……….can I write a thousand?  It starts in this moment.  Thank you Lord for this moment to consider all the blessings that you have given just for my enJOYment.


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