YOu just might be Canadian…

In case you are confused about your nationality, let me help you out….

1.  If you’ve ever licked the back of a pick-up truck in the winter time and left part of your tongue as proof..

2. If you know what an ice road is and used it frequently to go to town for provisions..

3. If you had a Scottish Coat of Arms on your family’s living room wall and a Native dream catcher above your bed…

4. If your mom put cotton balls in your ears to keep the cold wind from giving you an earache..

5. If Saturday nights are for one thing and one thing only~ Ron MacLean and Don Cherry…

6. If you can hum, whistle or “na-na” the entire original theme of HNIC…..

7.  If you THINK that the original theme of HNIC is the national anthem..

8. If 1972 has national significance for you..

9.  If the names Henderson, Lancaster, Joannie, Gretzky or Stoyko make your chest swell with pride…

10. If Sunday dinners mean roast beef, mashed potatoes and jello…

11. If you own a cowbell but no cow to put it on…

12.  If your Grandpa still calls First Nations people  “Indians”….

13. If  you are of  Mennonite, Scottish, Irish, Italian, Greek or Ukranian decent and you can laugh along with EVERY joke made at your culture’s expense….

14. If you can name every US state and point to where they are on a map…..(YES, I said US)

15.  If you are proud to own a copy of Corner Gas on DVD….

16. If you know the difference between Saskatoons and Blueberries….

17. If  you owned or own a pair of long-johns, a touque , a ski mask and winter boots rated for colder than -20*C…

18.  If the names Stefan Dion or Michael Ignatieff make the hair on your unshaved legs curl….

19. If  “eh” is Hello not a letter of the alphabet…


#20.  If you have a nice RACK mounted on your wall and it doesn’t fit into the categories of A, B, C or Double D……



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