Sending 14 Valentines to my friends…

I helped my youngest make up Valentines for her class tonight.  Yes, we are very behind.  But we got them all done.  We took pics of her in her pink dress and then made the different poses into little Valentines.

I remember the first time I made Valentines.  We didn’t buy them.  We made ours.  Mom pulled out the big roll of newsprint and we spent a day tracing hearts onto folded pieces paper, cutting them out, colouring the trim and writing our message.  Simple but made with love.

I should have made my friends cards this year.  Every year I mean to but then Feb. 14 comes so darn quick after Christmas!! I haven’t even taken down all of my Christmas decorations(oh , I know…it’s long overdue!).

So, here on this little blog, let me send out some love to some very special ladies.

In no particular order…as you’re all so special:

Robyn~ we could have been sisters, but then we would have fought.  I’m so thankful you’re in my family and in my life.  You’re my grounded, inspirational, mega-talented hero~ I wanna be like you when I grow up.  Love you so!

Julia- how is it that someone so patient and disciplined is friends with someone like me?  I have no idea but I’m so thankful you’ve put up with me all these years!!  Thank you for calling me, writing me, encouraging me and laughing with me.  I’m thankful to call you my BFF!!

Jenna- How does a 20-something young spit-fire like you even give me the time of day?  Thank you for including me in your life and the journeys that you’re on.  You inspire the writer in me.  You encourage the wife in me and you motivate the mother in me.  You’re one of a kind and I’m so grateful for your friendship.

Marcia-  One of the BEST things to come out of our days up north is my friendship with you.  Like the women before you, you are disciplined, patient and so encouraging! How did I get to be so lucky.  I have loved singing with you and maybe someday we will get to do that again…if not here, most certainly in Heaven’s choir!

Sherry- it’s been years~ you may be surprised to be in this group.  But you have always been a woman I looked up to.  You encouraged me, laughed with me and showed me what a real woman of God looks like and acts like.  I so miss the days of singing with you.  Your voice absolutely points my face Heavenward.  Thank you for your friendship all these years.

Louise~ For knowing me the longest and still continuing to be my friend! How in the world have we survived this long? You’re my BEST memories of high school and one of the MOST inspiring , hard-working, full of hope women I’ve ever known.

Tammy~ babies, heartaches, struggles, marriage…we’ve seen it all.  Thank you for being SO completely full of grace and inspirational in every facet of your life which makes me want to be a better woman.  God has big things planned for you and I’m so thankful I get to go along for the ride!

Nicky~ One of the few women who gets me for me.  Probably one of the only women who’s seen me through all the years of growing up babies into children.  Thank you for phone calls out of the blue and always taking time for me. You’re literally one in a million!

Becky~ Our history is sweet and so worth remembering.  Thank you for taking me in as a friend when most of my peers didn’t give me the time of day.   You’ve been my soul-sister for more than half my life.  Thank you for not dumping me even when I wasn’t faithful to keeping in touch.  We have more memories to make~ so looking forward to the next 20+ years!

Brenda~ for being my mentor and encourager.  God is so good at working things out for His glory!

Donna~ for neighbours who are friends and friends who are neighbours.  Thank you for always keeping in touch, for being one of the very few who ventured into the muddy forest on a quad !  And thank you for your laugh and your amazing outlook on life!

Charlene and Colleen~ sort of a package deal you two are.  Thank you for just being my friends.  You guys ooze the Joy of the Lord and I just love being with you!  We really need to do that more often!

Agnes~ Also family, but more a friend.  God knew what He was doing when He plopped you right in the middle of my life!  Thank you for wisdom, joy and being you.  I just LOVE being around you!! We gotta get together soon!!

There are more~ I’m so sorry.  Not trying to exclude.  But these 14 women mean a lot to me and I just wanted them to know that!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


One thought on “Sending 14 Valentines to my friends…

  1. Juanita, it is with tears of joy that I write this response, to say thank you, you made my day today! I really love your openenss and your realism about life. I love how you love the lord and are not afraid to share it with all who will listen, I love how you inspire me to be real with all those I encounter, to put it plainly, I love being your friend and fellow sister in the lord, it is definitely a great joy for me. Thanks again for your kind words.
    I pray that the lord will bless you indeed today and you reflect him to all whom you enounter.
    Love Brenda

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