Just an old married couple.

I’ve been noticing posts lately about people jetting off to tropical locations.  Second honeymoons, first honeymoons, anniversary getaways, romantic escapes.  And there’s also a ton of people just doing the old “date night” weekly routine.  Movies, weekends away , dinner and dancing, concerts…..

And then there’s me and the guy I married.  We don’t date….anymore.  Don’t know why.  Kids, schedules, life.  Don’t feel sorry for us though; it’s our own darn fault!   Dating has just not been a priority for us these past 19 years.  Maybe it will be again~ I hope.

But for now, a “date” consists of NCIS on the DVR, kids coming in and out of the room, maybe some mozza sticks and a cup of hot cocoa.   Yep, me and him are just an old married couple.


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