I am not a theologian~ you may have figured that out by my lack of Bible smarts along the way in this little blog.

I’ve never been to Bible school~ one of my lifelong regrets.

I don’t read my Bible everyday~ a very bad habit and a very sad commentary on my walk with Jesus.

My little brain~ this grey, mushy matter squished between my ears~ it does not comprehend infinity.  In fact, I have such a hard time grasping the concept of something outside the realm of time that I’ve just decided not to think about it at all.  It makes my head hurt.  How can my one dimensional, start-to-finish life comprehend the vastness of a God who never had a start and never will see an end?? Alpha and Omega.

And then there’s Jesus.  He’s my friend.  I’ve been taught that.  He’s the lover of my soul.  Very heavy comment.  He’s the one I call when I’m in need and He’s the one I cry out to when the joy overtakes me.  But I’ve never met Him.  I’ve never touched His nail-scarred hands.  I can’t tell you what His face looks like or what His height is.  I have no idea how big his feet are or if He has broad shoulders~ I’m sure He must~ He bore a cross upon them.

Holy Spirit.

Even the name perplexes me.  He is HOLY and He’s a SPIRIT.   I’m not one for ghosts, although I do believe they exist when the Devil chooses for them to confuse and assault the psyche of a vulnerable person.  But a Spirit?

There are some things that I cannot explain.  I cannot tell you how to feel about the Trinity.  I cannot make you understand.  My words fall short and there is nothing that I can say to adequately describe why I believe in an invisible, omnipotent, perfect and Holy Creator.  I just do.

It is a Holy place to be when I close my eyes and praise the One who died for me.  It is a Holy experience when I feel His presence within me, around me and through me.  It is a Holy mandate that I know He has placed me where I am, in this time, for His glory and His purposes.  This is all I know.

Holy Place.

Holy Experience.

Holy Mandate.


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