I didn’t make supper tonight….does anyone really care?

I’m having one of those days.   You know, the kind of day where you wonder how in the world it started and how or when it  will end.  It started off too early~ 5:15 a.m.  I awoke with pain and restlessness and the usual “you’re not going to fall back asleep” feeling that I sometimes get.  So I got up to get a drink and walk it off(and by walk, I don’t mean outside..I mean 12 paces to the kitchen).  My daughter’s light was on because she’s a nighthawk and sometimes falls asleep with the lights on and no clue of the hour.  But no, she was awake too~ with a pain in her leg.   So here we were~ me being mom and telling her to go to bed while I am likely looking at a restless morning.  I took a blanket to the couch and attempted to fall back asleep.  Another daughter woke me up at 10:30 as we had places to be.   And so began a day of me forgetting …..something.

11:30 off to town for trip one to get 2 girls to figure skating practise

11:55 drop off girls and find out that the 3rd kid needed to be there too(thought that would be 3 p.m. but they changed the schedule without us knowing)

12 noon  pick up mail and discover a flat tire

12:05 drive to tire shop to find that they have left for a one hour lunch(my temp is boiling)

I waited and called my husband to the rescue; he brought Lauryn into town and picked me up for lunch~ this was turning out to not be a good day as I had planned to finish painting at least one bedroom.

12:55  tire shop opens and I leave it in their capable hands

1:15 tire shop calls us while we’re out to lunch and inform us that tire is completely ruined…great

1:45 back to the shop, get a spare put on as they don’t have the tire we need.

2 p.m.  make appointment at bank for setting up business bank acct

Drive to arena to insure the girls are prepared to be in town for a couple hours, give pep talks as they are all frustrated with various problems with coaches and skaters and then head home

2:40  arrive home and begin to prep for painting

4  p.m. send son to town to pick up girls

4:45 kids arrive home and one daughter is pale, shaking and crying….she’s sick and over-skated because the coach would not let her off the ice(my blood is boiling again)

5 give medication, feed someone who hasn’t eaten all day, try to get painting done

5:30 to 8:30~ nurse sick kid, stop fights between others, watch the news, paint, patch walls, paint some more, forget to make supper

Did I mention I forgot to make supper? Well I did . I don’t know who got fed~ hopefully someone did.  Husband came home after 9, I watched American Idol between painting during commercials.

I painted, I nursed, I cheerleaded, I watched, I sat , I waited and I got annoyed.  What a day.

And I didn’t make supper.


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