To paint the oak or not to paint…

Writing has not come easy this week so I have abstained.  It’s not that I don’t have things to write about~ there are many, just not getting the content and “meat” that I want.

So, I will start this week on the lighter side of things.  We bought this house last fall with lots of was built mid-90’s.

Saskatchewan farmers LOVE their oak!! I hate oak.  Okay, well hate might be a strong word but it is not even in my top 5 choices for trim and cabinets.  So, here we are in this house where every bathroom has oak cabinetry, the kitchen is full of it, the banister, all trims and doors……ugh.

I want to paint~ I’m GOING to paint!

My husband is cautious though. He thinks for resale(if we should ever need to) I may scare people away. I’m saying, “What people??”  The only people buying acreages in Sask right now are Albertans under 40….hey that’s me!! And we don’t like oak.

In the kitchen I have decided on black…yes , BLACK!

In the living room there is a large mantle and fireplace~ all oak.  I want to paint it a creamy white and lighten up the walls with a buttery yellow. So, here’s the question~ What do YOU all think of me painting the oak in our house? Good idea or not?

our current colors in the living room


6 thoughts on “To paint the oak or not to paint…

  1. I painted our fireplace white and just left the shelf oak and like it quite a bit with that little bit of contrast. As for the rest, painting them is fine, but remember that black shows every little speck of dust, nick, spatter or anything else that comes near it. I had black shelving and tables in my living room and black bath fixtures and vowed never again. It looks great for the first 10 minutes.

  2. paint it! I lived in a house not 10 years ago where the kitchen oak cupboards were painted a delft blue and they looked wonderful.

  3. I am always so leery to paint wood because design stuff changes so often that all of a sudden wood will be in again and then do I want to strip it? I am such a chicken when it comes to painting wood!

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