Zoom out

I love my new camera.  The things it can do!! Oh my goodness I haven’t even tapped into 1/2 of its capabilities! One of the best features is the clarity of the photos.  They are so real I feel like I can reach out and touch the subject when it is on my computer screen.  The only problem with that kind of detail is you see every little fuzz ball, blemish, wrinkle and dirt.  Thank goodness for photo editing software!

My favourite type of photo to take is macro.  I just love zooming in on the details.  Especially things like hoar frost, snowflakes, flower petals, and so on.  The intricacy of God’s creation is amazing. There are no words, I am simply in awe.  I have had to stop myself from posting too many of them as I’m sure most people can’t really appreciate what I’m seeing or looking at. 

That got me to thinking about how I percieve everything around me.  Sometimes it’s just easier to tackle any situation with a very narrow lens. My husband gets frustrated how I can work at a messy desk, bake in a messy kitchen , read a book in a messy living room.  But I don’t look at the mess, I just focus on what I’m doing. It’s easy once you get the hang of it!  But truthfully, I’m just avoiding the rest.  Denial is great, for a moment but the problems, messes and issues are still there.

I am learning to zoom out my focus.  In photography, using a wide angle lens gives you a completely different viewpoint than even the naked eye. It is incredible what you can gather into one shot with the right lens~an entire scenic view captured in one shot. 

Denying what’s going on around me~ in my space, in my family, in my life may give me momentary peace but it doesn’t solve the problems and the mess is still there.  I have made a concious effort as of late to step back, zoom out my focus and really look at the situation.  I am easily distracted.  I have been my whole life.  I jump from one task to another and rarely finish on time or on task.  It’s taking a lot of discipline on my part and it’s harder than I want it to be.  But I need to pull out the wide-angle lens and look at my life from an outside perspective.  Am I accomplishing all the should be? Am I being productive?  Am I fulfilling the obligations of a wife and mother to my family?

Last night I made cinnamon buns and a pan of white buns.  I haven’t done that in years. Too long.  My family what out skiing and snowboarding for the evening and so I had the house to myself.  Usually I would take that time to watch a movie  , crank up my music or play piano~ all things that I only do by myself.  But last night I decided it was time to zoom out and look at the situation from my family’s viewpoint. If they came home and saw no change in the landscape of the house they would think that I had done nothing and maybe that’s okay.  But I want my family to know that I think of them , I care for them and I am trying to change my “macro” ways.   So, I baked and I cleaned the kitchen(something that rarely gets done on a Friday night, let alone any other night).  I listened to the hockey game in the background and I stuck to my task.  When they got home, they were tired.  And does it matter what they thought or if they thanked me?  No, because the point was not for me to be rewarded but for them to feel loved. As the ooey, gooey cinnamon buns were gobbled, no one was looking at chores for Saturday~ the main one was done.  Instead, everyone relaxed, got ready for bed and rested well.  All because I zoomed out.


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