Hey God, I have a question.

There’s some questions that we will never know the answers to….at least not here on earth in this time.  Many may try to find the answers, but they will only be theories.  So, if I could have the chance to sit in God’s throne room for a few minutes these are some of the things I might ask…..and I know, most of them I’ll never really know~ maybe someday in Heaven they will become clearer.

1. Whatever happened to the Garden of Eden? Did anyone ever go back there? Was it a theme park that shriveled up and died? Did it just become an over-grown jungle?

2. Did the Ark of the Covenant really get stored away?  Is it still on the earth or was it destroyed many years ago?  Was Indiana Jones really able to find it?

3. What about Noah’s Ark? Did pieces of it become petrified on Mt. Ararat for generations later to find?

4.Why has this winter been so long and so cold?

5. Why are you not stepping in to show your power to all of these Muslims who are trying to kill your people?  Like now?

6.Why have some of my family members chosen a life of sin over a life of grace and mercy with you?

7.When will Jesus return? Will it be soon? Because things around here are getting out of control.

8. How come my family is healthy but my friends have several high-needs kids and constant doctor’s visits?

9.And God, why do good people suffer so badly? Why do mothers watch their children die helplessly?

10. And one last thing, why do you put up with my questions anyways?  I don’t understand your patience, but I’m so thankful for it.


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