Praying for Japan

Heartbreak doesn’t really come close to describing how I feel when I look at the TV these days.  There is tragedy upon tragedy happening to the people of Japan.  The families that are separated continue to grieve and feel lost.  The wounded and stranded are losing hope as the days wear on.  It’s cold , there’s limited power, water and food.  Some have none of these.

We have our Japanese daughter lost in the midst of it.  I’ve been praying for Shiori and her family each day.  She was the exchange student who lived with friends of ours and became close with our teenage daughter.  She stayed with us for a while before returning to Japan just over a year ago.  We had not been able to contact her at all….and then tonight, we got a one line message from her.  She’s okay.  Unfortunately she lives in one of the hardest hit areas and it may be quite some time before that area gets communication back.  The mother in me wants to go rescue her and bring her here.  When it gets cool in the evening I think of her and others shivering in the cold, lonely, sad, overwhelmed.  I pray that they find peace and hope in the midst of the storm.  I pray that the waves of destruction would be replaced by waves of mercy and grace.

Jesus said he would be the comforter. May He comfort them all now.  I dedicate this song to you, the people of Japan…when there’s nothing left, Jesus says, “I’ll be.”


One thought on “Praying for Japan

  1. I am so glad to hear that she is ok, it is a sobering thought, to think of those poor people without the basic nesecisties of life. When we are warm and comfortable.

    But God knows, and he sees and he does bring the comfort to the people. As we stand in the gap for them and continue to lift them up to him in prayer, I pray that God will bring a nation wide searching and revival to the people of Japan.
    I pray that their lives would be completely transformed and that they would discover what truly brings peace in the times of their greatest distress.
    I pray that they will feel the waves of God’s mercy as they rebuild their lives, find their loved ones and even grieve for the lost.


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