Another Canadian Election

Oh yes, it’s election season once again.  Yep, it’s only the 4th one in the past 7 years but who’s counting??!!! Good grief!

Like my husband said, we need to have a system like the US.  One election every 4 years, regardless.  I don’t agree with a lot that goes on in the US politics wise but at least they’re in session, getting things done and doing their jobs!! Here there is always the “threat” of election and so no one is really getting anything done. And why? I’ll tell you why.  Because there’s about 50 % of the voting public sitting on their collective rearends doing nothing. They don’t write to their MP’s…they probably don’t even know what that stands for! (Members of Parliament).  They probably don’t know who their MP is!!   These same people don’t care that we have a minority government.  They don’t care that our prime minister’s hands are tied when it comes to changing laws and putting forth new strategies.  That’s right people…he can’t do ANYTHING!!  He’s got wimpy Jack Layton on one side, flip flopping every 2 seconds as to whether he’ll support something or not. Then he has weirdo M. Ignatieff(playfully called Iggy)~ gag.  The guy is such a windbag.  All he does is whine and complain about somebody in the government picking the wrong piece of paper to write a letter.  Oh brother.  This guy is a tool.  And yes, these are the guys that want to be YOUR prime minister!! Don’t even get me started on Gilles Duceppe!! All he said yesterday was, “What about Quebec?? Quebec deserves money too…What about Quebec??”…yep, he’s a keeper…he cares nothing of where I live, he cares nothing of where you live, he cares nothing of Canada.

So, what are we gonna do?  I’ll tell you what….get out and vote!! Campaign for your local dude and see to it that all your neighbours , friends and relatives vote too!  It is time for a majority government in this country again.  We have world crises , we have economic failures everywhere, and we have things to do.  So, let’s start looking like a country that knows what it’s doing and become a leader in the world. Right now, we’re the joke. At the UN and in every country we look like the pathetic little clumsy brother that can’t tie his shoes or comb his hair.   We need to do this right.

The last 3 elections plus this one will have cost us a total of over 1 billion dollars!! That’s our tax money people!  And it’s not the conservatives at fault.  So, look at who you’re voting for and what party they represent.  Are they troublemakers or lawmakers?   Are they people of integrity with a work ethic to get things done?  If not, get them outta there!

Other than the cost, I’m ready for this election. This is a chance for Canadians to be heard once and for all.  The politicians think they’re speaking for us. They think we want a minority but we don’t.  It’s time that we showed them who pays them and who put them in their seat! I beg of you, get involved. Know the issues, research for yourself.  It’s time to take Canada back.


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