Finding my Groove

If you have moved more than once, you may have developed the same bad habits that we have.  You start out with the intention of packing everything in room appropriate boxes for easier unpacking. You label(or think you have) every box.  You categorize and you sort.

And then…………… get tired.  You get careless.  You don’t have the same attention to detail and you might even invite some friends to help you pack.   We did that.  Some friends were great…very thorough and detail oriented.  And then there were ……the guys.  Guys don’t really know how to pack boxes.

Let’s cut to the chase: I have boxes, several of them.  They are packed by men who don’t know how to set up a house , a kitchen or a bathroom.   I have screws and a hammer packed in boxes with dryer sheets and coffee cups.  Oh ya.  It happened.  As I was unpacking (and still am) I found all manner of boxes with labeling like this: ” Juanita’s Stuff she doesn’t need”  or “Juanita’s Scrap Junk”   or “Juanita’s Crap” ……ya, that’s what they say.  He was being funny…”He” knows who he is.  Oh and then he packed the wrapping cellophane and packing tape INTO a box with random junk and we didn’t find it till weeks after moving…wondering in the mean time where it went!   Goodness.

Okay, so now, 7 months later, I am still not sure where some stuff is.  One thing in particular is missing and must be found.  In fact, if I do not find it soon there may be a real crisis of monstrous proportions in my house.   It is, in fact… groove.   Yes, it is missing.   I don’t know where it is.  I don’t know who took it but someone did.  It is gone.  And for lack of a better word, I am pissed.  Yep. I said it.  I went there.   I cannot believe that losing the ONE thing that I need most right now has made me type a profanity.(Jenna will love this).  Okay, so it’s not the worst word that I could type, but it’s bad enough.

So, let’s recap.  I have lost my groove and I am swearing.  Oh …and it’s Lent.  Great.

Would the person, or persons involved in taking and hiding my groove because they thought it was funny please return it?  No questions asked.  No penalty  or fear of retribution.  Just give it back. Thanks.


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