Life Stories

I love how everyone of us has a story to tell. It is , perhaps, the one reason I love to read so much.  It is also the reason I love biographies~ movies and documentaries~ about the lives of the famous, and not so famous.    It is always incredible to me how one event in someone’s life can utterly change their destiny, their future and their lives.

Currently, in my own life I’m finding my story to be rather mundane, boring and lifeless.  And yet, I find pure joy in hearing someone tell their story.   It must be the woman in me, but I could listen to women’s stories of birthing their children, while throwing in my own experiences, all day long.  There is something so natural and infinite about the birth of a child. It truly is a supernatural experience.    I’m also loving watching and hearing about new loves, new experiences and the way that God gently leads us and guides us into our destinies.   As I’m watching events unfold for some friends, I cannot help but be drawn right in, waiting for the next scene.  Like turning a page in a book, I can barely hold my breath long enough to get to the next part.


We all have one.  That’s the great thing.  Every part of our lives is another page in the story that the Author has written for us.   If you read today as just a page on its own, it can seem rather boring and completely irrelevant to the story.   But it is not.  Today is important if for no other reason than to get us to tomorrow.  And tomorrow will have its purpose too.    Each day, new blessings await to be seen and experienced.  Sometimes I miss them.  Sometimes I’d just rather not even live IN today.   Nevertheless, today will be what it is, whether I engage or not.  And as this day unfolds and eventually comes to an end, I will look back on this page in my life and be satisfied or perplexed.  But it won’t really matter, because tomorrow awaits.  There’s always tomorrow.  That is the wonderful thing about today.  We always have hope for a new page, a new journey , a new blessing.

Today, I am thankful that even though the pages of my story seem to have few words, the Author is still writing .  And we’re just getting to the good parts.


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