An open letter to my fellow Canadians.

In case you had not noticed.  We, the nation of Canada, are in the midst of a national election.  Yes, for some maybe it’s a sleeper.  Maybe you feel like yawning.  Maybe you’re just so fed up with politicians, media spin and the constant bashing that goes on in federal politics that you really don’t care.  But can you please give me a moment of your time? Please.  You need to care.  This is our country.  This is our children’s country.  To be apathetic and disinterested is to say “to heck with it all”.  My generation(post 1970) is of particular concern.  We are the ones paying most of the corporate business taxes, we are the ones paying the most in income taxes, we have the most to lose financially.   And yet, we are the quietest.

Have you ever heard the phrase “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”? Well, right now the squeaky wheels are these folks: minority interest groups, Quebec, media outlets who pick apart anything said or done by any politician whether it’s significant or not.   Who is not being heard are the average middle class Canadians. The families, the mothers , the fathers, Western Canadians, honest wage earners just trying to live our lives.

I challenge each and every one of you to do a few things this week.  First of all, take 5 minutes to find out who your current Member of Parliament is(MP).  Find out what they stand for, what they’ve done in parliament and what you have in common with them.  It’s not that hard. Here’s a good place to start.  Then find out who is running against them.  What parties do they represent?

Secondly, you need to educate yourself on what a minority government has done for this country…the good and the bad.  Here’s the facts , folks: Stephen Harper has not done a bad job, but he really hasn’t been given a chance to do much because of the ridiculous way the Canadian public keeps voting in NDP and Liberals and BLOC Quebecois when they do nothing for us!  You have to realize that just because you like your guy in parliament or he represents the party that you’ve always voted for, or Grandpa voted for, doesn’t mean a darn thing for the rest of the country. We don’t get a popular vote here in Canada like the US. In the US  a vote for a particular leader goes straight to that leader. If 60% of the people vote for one guy, he gets in.  Here, we vote for our local guy, who represents their party and if that party gets the most seats, their leader wins the Prime Minister’s chair.  Sounds great in theory but our reality is that we are being held hostage by Quebec.  Quebec is getting around 50 seats in Parliament. They don’t represent the rest of the country; they don’t care what we’re doing or how we’re doing it.  Every time they get elected they are tipping the scales away from another party’s ability to get a majority.  It’s time for this sort of thing to stop.  We need a nationally elected government that represents all, not just some.

Third:  Pray for our leaders. Pray for Stephen Harper as he prepares for this upcoming debate. Pray for wisdom and discernment in dealing with the public and the media. Pray also for his family and his advisors.  These people are leading our country and they deserve our help and our prayers.    Pray for the leaders of the opposition parties, that they would put aside pettiness and foolish arguments.

Fourth: Write letters to your government representatives, e-mail the PM, put signs on your lawns and talk to your neighbours.  Engage each other in the important issues. Become the squeaky wheels and forget all this other crap that seems to make the news.

I’m tired of turning on my TV or radio every day and hearing about how Mr. Harper or Mr. Ignatieff or some other leader said something wrong or looked at a baby wrong, or forgot to comb their hair or didn’t write a thank you note….for cryin’ out loud!  Let’s deal with some serious stuff, not all the media tripe that is completely diverting attention from the important issues.  The facts are they’re all people like you and me. They make mistakes, they’re not going to do every thing the way you might or I might.  Do you really think they can know every person representing them across the country?  Do you really think they know every answer to every question? Are they supposed to know what every person who works for them has done in the past? This is ridiculous.  We have a short election.  It is 35 days start to finish. There isn’t time in there to know it all and be all to all people.  And as for those who think that Stephen Harper is backing out on debates and so on….do you realize how much time has to be taken to prepare for a debate?  Would you want to be thrown into that sort of pressure when you have one month to get to as many places as possible in the entire country??  He said one debate, he’s doing one debate. Enough said.

Take your heads out of the sand.  Stop whining about how politics doesn’t apply to you.  This is your country, your future and your money.  We need a majority government to get some work done.  If Stephen Harper comes up short again, you can say hello to IGGY, your new PM…even if you like the Liberal platform(which will sink us into incomprehensible debt) or the NDP’s, you can’t really think that Jack or Iggy will do better than Stephen Harper.  If you do, God help us all.

I just want people to seek out the facts for themselves. Don’t get caught up in the silliness that the media feels is news.  Most of it is irrelevant to what this country needs and wants.  It’s time for us to take back Canada.  Canada is for all people from Newfoundland to BC, to the Yukon and Nunavut.  Canada belongs to God.  Let God’s people take a stand for Him and for righteousness.


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