The Farm Dream

I have been collaborating with a friend on a “secret” project.  Well, actually, it’s not so secret anymore but still secret enough that I’m not really at liberty to share much about it.   It’s one of those projects that comes along once in a lifetime and if I’m being honest, it’s not really my project. It’s God’s.   I know what you’re thinking, “Oh there she goes again with her God talk.”  Yep.  I am.  God is everywhere, in all things and interested in everyone’s life whether you choose to accept that or not.  It’s the truth.  And in this particular case God’s timing, His hand and His methods blow me away.   Someday soon I hope that I can share more.   But for now, I just want you all to know that God still does miracles and He still hears all those prayers that you thought He forgot about or never really heard in the first place.

As I have been pondering this very exciting  time in the lives of friends, I have been taking stock of some of my own prayers and plans.  Some that have come into existence and others that I am still waiting on.  It’s the waiting ones that we tend to focus on. Waiting.  It’s so hard to do, isn’t it?   We know that there has to be an answer, a result, something.  The waiting makes us impatient.  It also makes us blind.  In the midst of waiting for what’s down the road; the hopes and dreams, we forget about the here-and-now answers.  They happen every day if we would just acknowledge them, look for them.

Today, I had one such thought/encounter.    I had forgotten about a prayer from long ago. A dream I once had.   When I was a young girl I made a list of things I wanted in a man.  I wanted to get married and have kids and be the housewife.  But I had some specifics for God on who that man might be and how our lives might play out.  Some of those items were:  musical, hard-working, funny, ministry-minded, servant-hearted, focussed on God, ready and willing to be led by God in all things….these were just a few.  But one of the early “requirements” that I had let go of  was this : a farmer.  I can hear the chuckles.   You see, this is why some girls don’t share all their desires with their friends and families~ they think they will be mocked.  Well, I’m sure my family knew.  I was always a little old-fashioned and being a farmer’s wife sounded like Heaven to me.    When I met my husband, he was not a farmer and didn’t really want to be. But he was a farmer’s son and so , that was good enough for me.

I have since learned a very big lesson: “Good enough” is not in God’s vocabulary.  He has never done anything just to get by, just to fit in the moment.   When He created the Heavens and the Earth…they were GOOD.  When He created animals and nature they were GOOD.  When He created man and woman…..they were VERY GOOD.    Not once did He say “good enough”.

This week , my husband has been on the phone a lot.  He has been on the internet learning.  He has been in town talking to locals and managers.  Today, he talked with his own dad.  And then……he went out into HIS field.  His , because this year…..a dream is being fulfilled.  Because you see, I may have had a dream many years ago to be a farmer’s wife.  But he also was given a dream…later, but still.   God gave him a dream to till the soil. To plant seeds.  To sow and to tend.  To grow and to harvest.  Today, my husband became a farmer.

We’ve been married nearly 19 years and my dream is probably 30 years old or more…but God wasn’t finished with me 19 years ago and he’s not finished with me yet.  I  still have dreams and although God knows better than to give me some of those directly(like twins! hahahah) today I realized that He still remembers some of the dreams that I’ve forgotten.




Sounds like farming to me!


2 thoughts on “The Farm Dream

  1. Wow, keeping the dreams alive! I often think to myself, will the dreams and words and things that I know that God has spoken into my life ever be fulfilled. How long lord? I ask sometimes.

    Thanks for the reminder that even when God gives us a dream a long time ago, in his perfect time, it will come to pass. God is not a liar and he always fulfills his promises and his words to his beloved children!!!!! Yay God.

    Thanks for sharing this, it really inspired me today!!!!

  2. I, too, also dreamed of marrying a farmer. I even worked on a farm and learned to operate the equipment so I could be a farmer’s wife. But alas, I married a farmer’s son who still has that old fashioned farmer attitudes in his life even though he is an engineer!

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