Love Awakened

Under the snow and the hard frozen ground…there are seeds and roots….ready to push through.  They lie in wait through the fall and winter.  Waiting, waiting….for when the earth is warm enough to receive them.

Isn’t it appropriate that Easter is in the spring?  The death of Christ, harsh and cold.  3 days in the ground, buried, dead.  Waiting, waiting….to burst through that rock ALIVE!  Even now, He is waiting~ still~ waiting for the earth to receive Him.  When will we be warm enough to receive His love?  When will we awaken from death and dread?  When will the soil of our hearts be fertile and ready for growth?  Love awakens in the spring.

20 years ago I was 1 month into a new relationship.  But I knew what I knew.  I didn’t need a calendar to tell me when it had been long enough of the hand holding.   Long enough of the tender moments, talking, sharing, growing.  I didn’t need someone’s permission that “now” is the time.  When love blooms, it does so because LOVE is ready.

I remember the phone call. It was late April and we had been dating maybe only 5 or 6 weeks.  He was out of town and I was always waiting for his phone call each night.  It was all we had those first few months~ waiting for the phone. No e-mail, no texting, no cell phones.  I waited till he was off work and my schedule would be cleared to wait.    He called and we chatted as we always did.  Each time, the soil getting warmer.  Each time, our hearts getting bigger.  How do you know when you’re ready to receive love? How do you know when you’re ready to give it?   You just do.  “I love you”.  I was surprised~ “I love you, too.”…….*sigh*  There.  That’s it.  When you know, you just do.



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