When LOVE takes hold…

It’s pretty hard to stay quiet when God does something big.  I mean, I just want to shout it from the rooftops!

In one moment….ONE….God performed a miracle that most people experience over the course of months and even years.  That one moment is a testimony to me that whether you pray for days, months or years and even if you’ve given up on praying, God hears the prayer and He begins the work.  He doesn’t put it to the bottom of the pile.  He doesn’t wait for you to pray more.  He doesn’t tease or taunt.  He begins the work, he continues the work, He perfects the work.

At the beginning of January, while on my computer, the chat window opened.  It was an odd moment as this person doesn’t ever do FB chat with me.  We phone, we see each other when I’m in her city, we  inbox or post on each others’ blogs, but we don’t chat. She had one question.  Did I know of a single guy,  unmarried who was in his late 30’s?   That was it.  My initial response was, “huh?”  You see, she has a friend who is single and so deserving of a man to love her. Within a split second, I had my answer.  My husband was on the phone with his lifelong friend.  39, single and the most tender guy in the world.   So, I replied. Yes, I had a guy, but he needed a special girl.  Within literally 5 minutes of exchanging the particulars of these two people, my friend and I had goosebumps.  These two were made for each other.  In fact, we were so sure of how completely supernatural this moment was that we were giddy with excitement.  That was then, this is now.

Even though there are 10 hours of driving between these two, they have not yet met face to face….the plans for a future are already in the works.  The introductions to parents, families and friends are planned and imminent.   God is moving and working in their hearts~ His Glory is evident in every conversation.   And although my friend and I feel privileged to have been used by God…it is all Him.  His timing, His methods, His preparation, His plan.  As we watch the plan unfold, all of us involved are awestruck.  Down to the smallest detail, God has prepared these two.  It is amazing. It is so touching. It is emotional.  Even their parents are completely at peace at what God is doing.   It is all God.


Side note: I really want to tell all the details because they are amazing…but it is not my story to tell. But I will say this~ I get frequent updates from both sides and Love has taken hold and isn’t letting go. God’s tender mercies have fallen hard on these two hearts.  They have cried, tears of joy. They have prayed together.  They have been front row witnesses to a miracle that is still unfolding.  And I and my friend….are preparing for a wedding. 🙂


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