The weather is favourable for…….

“assitude” – defined as asinine behaviour coupled with an attitude problem; commonly found in the teenaged population.

There is no cure for this condition, but parents are advised to withhold money and privileges until the condition subsides in order not to enable or encourage it. 

Yes, this is the current conditions of my house.  My friend, full of wisdom and wit bestowed this explanation on me when I whined about the state of my household.  She doesn’t have teenagers yet, but she nailed it.   I don’t get it.  What happened between my generation and this one?   I feared my mother.  Like, holy fear.  Not “afraid” of her but afraid of her wrath. Afraid of ticking her off. Afraid of her mood when she was in “that mood”.  You know?  It’s healthy fear.  It puts you in your place.  You, as a teenager, are a peon.  You are NOT an adult. Your opinion does not carry the same weight as say…umm….ME! No , it does not.   Sorry to burst your bubbles , children under 18, but you DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING.


I give up.  Like seriously, what is a parent to do?  We have run out of tools in our tool chests.(that’s what I call things like spankings and the withholding of privileges).   And don’t get all full of advice for me.  Please.  I’ve been there, done that, done whatever you think I should have done and still think I should do.  But here’s the deal~ we don’t live in 1984.  We live in 2011.  And in 2011 every child over the age of 5 who is educated in the public school system knows that if mommy or daddy raise a hand to you, toss you into your room(physically), threaten you with fire and brimstone….well, you can dial 911 and the nice police will come and save you from the horror of your life.

I have had several talks with my unreasonable, full of assitude teenagers and most of them are related to their lack of respect, lack of obedience, rudeness and irresponsibility.   I am dealing with children who don’t know how to put a cup away, can’t seem to find a garbage, don’t understand that your room is NOT a storage locker for old lunches, have no concept that muddy shoes are NOT to be worn in the kitchen, or living room, or bathroom, don’t have an inkling that when mom is doing laundry or dishes at 10 p.m. maybe she is tired and would like some help!!  I explain to them that I have never had teenagers before , but I have been one.  I explain that my fear of my mother kept me in check and made darn well sure that I did what I was told, WHEN I was told to do it. My children look at me with evil(assitude) eyes and say, “if you talked nicer to me, maybe I would do what you ask.”   Hmm. Since when did a parent have to ask nicely to get some action out of their kid. Oh, and by the way, sweet daughter/son of mine: I did ask nicely, the first 5 times!


I’ve read the books, listened to the speakers, prayer, sought advice, changed my style, softened my stance, questioned my tactics….it doesn’t help.  Assitude is still in my house.

Thankfully, my 3rd and 4th kids can see and be educated by what is currently happening.  We use the older two as tools for education.   They know that mom (and dad) have breaking points.  They know that when they’re asked to do something, they do it.  They know that there is a way to get on mom’s good side: do it the first time you’re asked.

But I know….that ages 13, 14, 15, and 16  lie in wait……….and who knows what will happen.  I just hope we all live to see it.

I’m hoping that someday soon my children grow up to realize that their parents are not total morons hell-bent on evil and dismantling their lives.  I hope that one day we can all look back upon this and laugh.  I also hope that someday they find spouses who are gentle, kind and patient….heavy on the patient part.    I really hope that we all grow up… day.

Until then, the forecast in my house is Cloudy, with a chance of Assitude.


2 thoughts on “The weather is favourable for…….

  1. I think the fear of parents has to do with 1. personality and 2. birth order (as middle children we tried to keep the peace and not push our parents buttons!). My older two have had some of the teenage asstitude (with one being worse than the other) and now my youngest is very concerned about being a teenager and “turning into a mean teenager”. I guess that could be a good thing. It passes and out on the other side of 18 is that wonderful child (now adult) that we remeber. Hang tough and keep praying, cause that’s my answer!

  2. Yep Jaunita parenting teens is not for the weak of heart. This is what was told to us, that teens think your stupid and only start to come around to thinking you might know something as they get children of their own. Yep this is one tough gig!! And repetition repetition repetition…. Nothing has changed since they were toddlers… But gosh it does get tiring at this age .

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