Things I’ve never done…

On the heels of my recent post about “Things You’ll Never Hear me Say”  I thought I would give you a list of things I’ve never done.  Equally entertaining and enlightening I hope! 🙂

1.  I’ve never been to Vegas~ something about that over sensationalized, over commercialized, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” , sin-city mentality.

2. I’ve never had  so much as a taste of beer.  I find the smell revolting and the pics of people raising their glass as if it’s a trophy deserving of applause kind of turns me off.

3. I’ve never smoked a cigarette, a joint, a cigar or any other foreign substance…I don’t ever want to either.

4. I’ve never traveled outside of North America.  My first choice for destinations would be Europe: Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Holland, Austria..someday, I hope.

5. I’ve never publicly admitted to skinny dipping(with my hubby)….even though I have. And right now, my cousins’ and my sisters’ jaws are dropping.  Hahahaha! gotcha!

6. I’ve never seen the Pacific or Atlantic oceans. **sigh** Actually, I’ve never been further east than Ontario.  Our Canadian “go-to” destination choice is Newfoundland/ New Brunswick/ PEI/ Nova Scotia.

7.I’ve never been as excited for a summer as I am for this one.  Really. Never.  I’m turning 40 and so is my husband…and our friends are GETTING MARRIED!! :)(premature on the last part? ;))

8.I’ve never kissed any man other than my husband. And I don’t want to.  His kisses are perfection and who wants to mess with that?

9. I’ve never had a professional hair colour or highlights.  mmmm….I think it may be time.

10. I’ve never doubted God’s existence.  I’ve doubted His answers…or lack thereof to my prayers, I’ve doubted His care and concern for my life and I’ve doubted that He hears me all the time…but I’ve NEVER doubted that He is there.


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